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Garlic's Healing Properties

Updated on November 15, 2008
Garlic bulbs
Garlic bulbs

Garlic is wonderful


Garlic is known as the pungent spice you love in Italian restaurants but can't get past the awful odor on someone's breath. You may be surprised to know that this little bulb is known as one of the most powerful healing agents on earth. Studies have shown that garlic lowers cholesterol, kills bacteria, helps boost immunity and also reduces blood sugar which can prevent diabetes. I have read studies that also show that garlic can keep cells healthy and relieve symptoms of asthma.

Fresh Garlic to eat or use in cooking
Fresh Garlic to eat or use in cooking

Healing Properties

The healing properties of garlic have been know for thousands of years but only within the past two decades has science begun to recognize the wide range of powers of this wonderful bulb. The most impressive thing about garlic is the double-action ability to prevent heart attacks. Garlic contains a phytonutrient called diallyl disulfide which are sulfer compounds. What these nutrients do first is act as a repellant to keep nibbling bugs away and at the same time in humans they appear to keep blood flowing smoothly by not allowing blood platelets to stick together and clot.

Garlic plant
Garlic plant

Garlic and Cancer

There is growing evidence that suggests that garlic also helps in cell changes which leads to Cancer. Again the phytonutrients from garlic come into play because they seem to interfere with cancer cells being able to grow, divide and multiply. Perhaps a positive event could be that one day the properties of garlic can be used as a form of chemo which I believe could be a whole lot easier on the human body and with less side effects than what is currently being used today.

Proof is in the Pudding(Garlic that is)

There are many cancer studies that have taken place but one I recall reading about is a observation and consequent study that was done In Italy where people in the southern part of the country ate more garlic and thus developed less stomach cancer than their fellow countrymen in Northern Italy because they are not as fond of garlic.

In conclusion I eat about three cloves a garlic about five days a week and in just talking an educated guess I would hope I am increasing my chances of avoiding any serious illness where garlic can play a role at least up to 25%


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    • laringo profile image

      laringo 9 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

      You are so welcome.

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 9 years ago

      I use garlic in my salads, it adds a kick to it. Thanks for the healling information too!

    • profile image

      johnrgant 9 years ago

      good stuff!. this is a superfood, like lemons, green leafy veggies, salmon, etc. u should check out he has good info too. ciao!