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Garmin Forerunner 50 - Monitor Your Running Performance and Health

Updated on August 4, 2012

Fab Footpods: What Is the Garmin Forerunner 50?

Runners! Especially all you newbie runners out there, trying to get your heads around all the exciting new equipment and training gear you could be buying. Are you thinking of getting yourself a footpod and watch combo? Then make sure you consider seriously the Garmin Forerunner 50.

This inexpensive little number (which you can buy for around GBP 60.00 from most online outlets) is a surprisingly versatile and useful bit of tech for the runner keen to keep an eye on his or her stats and progress. For a start off, it’s refreshingly easy to set up and use even if you’ve never done this before. It also has good, easy to use, decent-sized buttons: a godsend for any of us who struggle with mobile phone number pads where your finger hits three buttons at once! There’s a nice clear, clean display too.

Essential Athletic Gear: What Can You Do With the Forerunner 50?

The range of options and settings is wide enough to suit most requirements and tastes, allowing you to customise the device functionality and make it do your bidding just as you like! This is pretty useful when you think how far requirements can vary according to age, weight, height, gender etc.

The Garmin Frontrunner 50 does come with a wireless USB connection, which handily means you can do auto downloads, putting the data through into a usable form on your PC. It’s good to also be able to report that there is no problem getting the watch to sync with the footpod with this model.

Footpods For You: Pros And Cons Of The Garmin Forerunner 50

Are there any downsides to owning and using the Garmin Forerunner 50? Well, admittedly, it’s not all that easy to calibrate initially. You do need to spend a bit of time running over a known distance in the shoes you’ll actually be using for running in future. The required distance is a minimum of eight hundred metres, and that should be at a steady speed. Once this is done then it performs with pretty good accuracy. It has to be admitted also that performance and accuracy can be affected by changes in terrain and even if you change your running shoes.

The software isn’t quite as good as it might be, especially with respect to interoperability. (It’s hard to believe that it’s not compatible with Excel, but there you go!) So, the Garmin Forerunner isn’t the most thorough or multi-optioned option available if you’re thinking of a footpod/watch purchase: but at the price you’re paying, in this range it’s certainly one of the frontrunners and is a pretty darn good package when you look at it all in all.


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