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Gastric Band Hypnosis

Updated on January 31, 2013

A Hypnotic Alternative To Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a recently developed treatment for obesity. It uses clinical hypnosis to replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the wide array of side effects that the surgery can bring about. This hub will describe the procedure that is used to achieve this effect, some possible future extensions of the procedure, risks, side-effects, benefits, and hopefully eventually we will offer a list of resources that can help you to get this procedure done in your area.

Hypnosis is effective for a wide array of ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, depression, surgical anesthesia, acute and chronic pain. There is some disagreement among researchers and clinical hypnotists as to what exactly hypnosis is: many believe hypnosis is a distinct state of consciousness, others believe it is a form of response to social expectations, and still others decline to define the phenomenon at all. Whatever it is, clinical hypnosis is now an evidence-based treatment for a wide variety of ailments, and is also extremely useful for improving performance in healthy individuals. Even self hypnosis for weight loss is possible.

You can use hypnosis to improve attention, concentration, memory, stress tolerance, confidence, and even sports performance. Elsewhere I have written a hub on the topic of sports hypnosis. As you might expect, weight loss has become a very popular application of hypnotherapeutic clinical techniques. Many individuals offering hypnosis services are termed "lay hypnotists" because they specialize only in hypnosis and have no training in any other area of clinical work. It is generally preferable to make sure that the individual treating you with hypnosis has also received formal training in managing any medical or psychological issues that may become involved in the hypnotherapy, both to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive care available and so that your hypnotherapist will be capable of dealing with anything that might go wrong during the treatment.

With that introductory information out of the way, I would like to describe the gastric band hypnosis technique in more detail. It works by convincing the patient, at an unconscious level, that a true gastric banding operation has been performed. The unconscious mind and body thereafter respond to food and hunger in the ways that the individual would expect (or be led to expect.) The simulated surgery has not been performed very many times at the time of this writing, but the patients who received the treatments have reported a profound reduction in stomach capacity and ability to tolerate heavy foods.

I actually laughed very hard reading about the first patient to receive gastric band hypnosis, because they described their attempt to eat fried chicken sandwich. They called it a "KFC burger." They literally had to choke it down, and were incapacitated for days afterward. The really funny thing was how committed they were to eating that "KFC burger." They forced it down, at any cost! This was probably someone who would have benefitted from some psychotherapy or counseling in addition to the weight loss hypnosis.

The hypnotist who performed the simulated surgical procedure went to great lengths to convince the patient's unconscious mind that an actual physiological surgery had been performed. The patient was brought into an operating room, introduced to the sights and sounds of surgical lights, masks, gloves, anesthesia. The hypnosis led the patient, mentally, through all the things that would happen in an actual gastric band surgery, of course with hypnotic suggestions that they would experience no pain from the operation.

Hypnosis is a really powerful way to introduce concrete metaphors into the unconscious and subconscious processes, and I have little doubt that a procedure like gastric band hypnosis could be effective for weight loss. There are many ways to assist weight loss using hypnosis, and I think that often the most effective will be whatever metaphors are the most potent in the minds of the patient and the hypnotist. Particularly for patients like the chicken-burger lady, who are utterly stuck in their patterns of unhealthy eating, it may be quicker to alleviate obesity with hypnotic gastric banding than by attempting a more psychological or motivational solution. At the very least, the gastric band hypnosis could by a therapist some time in trying to find out why the patient was so intently self-destructing by way of food.

Photo by Salim Fadhley -
Photo by Salim Fadhley -

Risks and Side-Effects of Gastric Band Hypnosis

Because the surgery is entirely imagined, it is much less risky than a real stomach band surgery. The real thing tends to be somewhat prone to infection, whereas that is not a risk at all with the hypnotic equivalent. The main risk is psychological: if you are so obese that you need a weight loss surgery or equivalent hypnotherapeutic intervention, the chances are good that obesity serves some psychological purpose for you.

There is a chance that any number of side effects could emerge as a way of compensating for the loss of the primary symptom, which is the obesity. As I mentioned before, I think that this type of weight loss hypnosis could be a good way to achieve some quick symptom reduction while the work of psychotherapy was done. This would probably only be desirable for very severe cases of obesity, as there are many other effective weight loss interventions available for other types of patients. However, this means that the type of patient you'd give this type of treatment to would be the most likely to manifest side-effects. The KFC-burger lady experienced mainly some nausea and difficult inhaling trans fats, but that is from a preliminary report.

It wouldn't surprise me too much to see a gastric band hypnosis patient develop something like IBS in response to a successful treatment. In any event, the risks of this treatment are entirely psychosomatic, so a competent mental health professional will be able to manage them during the gastric band hypnosis and also during followup sessions.

Gastric Banding Hypnosis In The Future

Like many hypnotic treatments that catch media attention, this kind of gastric bypass hypnosis is a fairly ingenius idea. Weight loss surgery operations gained prominence in the public psyche, and are therefore ripe for utilization by a savvy hypnotherapist. It is actually a pretty natural extension of the way that hypnosis has been used in real surgeries for years. When someone is a good candidate for hypnosis and a poor candidate for general anesthesia--and a qualified hypnotherapist is availabel--it is fairly common for the individual to enjoy surgery with no anesthetic at all.

Now, the reverse is taking place, with voluntary surgeries being bypassed entirely in favor of simply convincing the unconscious mind to produce the surgical outcome without all the risks and expense of actually cutting open the body. It's an idea whose time has come, and I would like to explore more possibilities for elective virtual surgery. Perhaps hypnotic cosmetic surgery is not that far off?

Finding A Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Provider

You will notice in the comments section of this hub that there are many providers claiming to offer gastric hypnosis services, and even to be offering certification to other providers. However, please be aware that hypnotherapy is not regulated by any governmental licensing body in most countries. That means that essentially anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist, and anyone can claim to be certifying others to perform hypnotherapy. So when someone tells you they are a "certified hypnotherapist," the statement is basically meaningless. You may be dealing with someone who is knowledgeable, or you may not.

For this reason, I want to really make it clear that I strongly advise readers of this hub to undergo hypnotic procedures only with licensed healthcare professionals who have also received additional training in hypnosis. By doing so, you ensure that the person providing treatment to you has received adequate training to assist you with your symptoms even if hypnosis does not work. Furthermore, by dealing only with licensed professionals, you ensure that your therapist's practice of hypnosis is regulated by the ethical principles of their licensed profession. So there are two safeguards there that you simply do not have if you undergo hypnosis with someone who is not a fully qualified professional.

Professions eligible for training and certification in the use of clinical hypnosis include:

  • Medical professionals (doctors, dentists, nurses, chiropractors)
  • Psychological and counseling professionals (clinical psychologists, licensed psychotherapists, social workers)


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    • profile image

      DoveFreexrolo 2 years ago

      It really a great and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 4 years ago

      С 1910 г. при устройстве игровых стратегий отдается предпочтение двух- и трехстворчатым переппрохожденийам, которые разделяются горбыльками. Здесь подчеркнута горизонтальная сетка членений, - особый признак игровых стратегий этой эпохи. С 1920 г. архитектура сначала общественных, а позднее жилых зданий стала приобретать направление, называющееся тогда как "новое мейк-апо" - несимметричные косметик-Инвеста с маленькой и большой створками. Любой другой элемент игровых стратегийного членения исюморался.

    • profile image

      fienuehip 5 years ago

      My spouse and i utilized to receive on top of life although as of late I've truly piled up the weight.

    • profile image

      CatalystHypnosis 5 years ago

      I have been utilizing Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Program along with the cognitive behavioral training and nlp as suggested by the Shirran's and my clients have been experiencing GREAT success. In addition to taking off the extra weight, many clients report a reduction or elimination in various medications (after consulting with their doctors of course) and a marked decrease in their stress levels. The program has been so successful, that I have been getting referrals from the doctors and hospitals.

      If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in the Massachusetts area who practices gastric band hypnosis, please check out the testimonials on my website.

      All Best,


    • profile image

      Leanne 6 years ago

      I am a Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapist, on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. servicing the Gosford and Hunter regions. Check out the great testimonies on my website.

      thank you.

      Mind Management and Body Care Clinic.

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      I follow your guides and have created a nice website at

    • profile image

      Kira 6 years ago

      Is there a recc for a doctor working in NYC?

    • profile image

      Cassie 6 years ago

      Is there anywhere in the north-east of England that I would be able to have this treatment.

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      Is there anyone in New Zealand practising this technique??

    • profile image

      gastrichypnosis 6 years ago from Barrie Ontario

      I have been a full time hypnotherapist for the past 8 years and we are now introducing into Ontario our Gastric Band Hypnosis Program.

    • profile image

      Teresa Wise 6 years ago

      Is there anyone practicing in the Central US? IS is possible to conduct the hypnosis sessions over the phone? Or the internet?

      If not, how many sessions do you think is required for the hypnosis to work?

      Thank you,

    • profile image

      Trish Montenegro 6 years ago

      I am a licensed in Hypno-Band and certified in Shiela Grangers program.

      I practice at the Holistic Center In Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Phone is 732-259-3721

      As per HypnoBands creater John Maclean

      The Hypno-Band is now the world's no.1 gastric band hypnotherapy method used by more than 230 Licensed Practitioners in eleven countries. There are many imitators so it is a good idea to ensure that part of the process is dealing with your emotional and psychological triggers before moving on to the gastric band hypnosis. The Hypno-Band is designed for this and all our practitioners are trained to help clients achieve long term weight loss.

      I have been trained in Sheila Granger's method of gastric band hypnosis and I find it to be a great benefit to those wishing to lose weight. Marc Carlins favorable results have been profiled recently on the CBS-TV News. They interviewed him and two of his clients, one who was finishing up the process who lost 4 pants sizes and one just beginning the process.

      Gastric Band Hypnosis is the wave of the future.

      We also do Light acupuncture that helps with weight loss,stop smoking and more.

    • profile image

      jumpinjackflash 7 years ago

      Does anyone know of Hypnotherapists in Victoria, Australia practising this technique?

    • profile image

      Hypnosis In Massachusetts 7 years ago

      New Life Hypnosis in Weymouth, Massachusetts (781)340-1554 is accepting clients for virtual lap-banding through hypnosis.

    • profile image

      ellie green 7 years ago

      I'm starting my first session on 10th Jan 2011. Not with this guy though. I'm blogging it as an impartial client. Will update my experiances.

    • profile image

      Fiona Graham Walker 7 years ago

      The original Gastric mind Band, developed by Martin & Marion Shirran, is the subject of the new book Shirrans' Solution, a good 'taster' way (if you'll excuse the dodgy choice of word!) of exploring the CBT & NLP elements of such weight loss therapy, and providing a self-hypnosis element too for those who can't get to a therapist - or choose not to

    • profile image

      Marc Carlin 7 years ago

      I have been using Sheila Granger's method of gastric band hypnosis and I find it to be a great benefit to those wishing to lose weight. My favorable results have been profiled recently on the CBS-TV News. They interviewed me and two of my clients, one who was finishing up the process who lost 4 pants sizes and one just beginning the process.

      I was instrumental in bringing Sheila and her training over to the U.S.A. and her course is the first course that is a complete hands on training over a 3 day weekend where hypnotists, hypnotherapists, psychologists, and therapists can learn her methods. Sheila has received acclaim for running two trials of her method where 95% of the volunteers lost weight during the trial. Weight loss averaged 7 lbs the first week and 1-2 lbs a week thereafter. The next training for this method takes place in Las Vegas January 21-23, 2011.

      This is a pretty amazing way of doing weight loss hypnosis.

      If you would like to find a practitioner near you, you can visit the directory at:

    • heretolisten profile image

      heretolisten 7 years ago from Manchester UK

      We recently released a new title: Virtual Gastric Band with Self Hypnosis. We have already had a lot of interest, so this looks like it should run and ru. This article describes the process well

    • profile image

      David White CH 7 years ago

      @Danielle, i am in Sydney CBD, or kirribilli and am the Sydney Central licenced Hypno-band practitioner, contact details are on my website

      Contact me for more details and to determine your suitability...

    • profile image

      Randolph Bleiwas LCSW 7 years ago

      I didn't note that I am located in Pomona, which is in Rockland County in New York (United States).

    • profile image

      Randolph Bleiwas LCSW, MA, CASAC, SAP, CHt 7 years ago

      I am a therapist (Masters in both psychology and social work) as well as a hypnotherapist and have found that the combination of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy work well. Several trials have been done (mostly as you have mentioned in the UK) and I am gathering data as well. As other clinicians above have noted the loss of weight needs to be gradual. Healthy eating, excercise, modification of behavior and feeling better about themselves needs to be the focus as opposed to becoming obsessive about checking the scale.

      I am also interested in keeping tabs with other clinicians.

    • profile image

      hhnlpc 7 years ago

      Anyone looking for Hypno Band Weight Loss in Sydney? I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified Hypno Band Practitioner, email

    • profile image

      marion mccaffery 7 years ago

      any of these clinics near southampton england.and going on the price some clinics are charging is there a pay as you go type scheme

    • profile image

      denise  7 years ago

      i am in the process of getting this treatment. i am pre op and after only 2 sessions my eating and bingeing has reduced dramatically. my hypnotherapist is fantastic and very thorough in getting to the bottom of what made me overeat in the first place. having my op on wednesday and am very excited. i have tried every diet.slimming pill and slimming club going so fingers xx this helps. i am confident it will

    • profile image

      John Maclean 7 years ago

      @Danielle and sim,

      Due to recent TV coverage in Australia we are in the process of opening new clinics in NSW and Melbourne as well as other locations in Australia and New Zealand. Keep and eye on the website or find us on Facebook for the latest info.

    • profile image

      Sim 7 years ago

      Hi is there any practitioners in Melbourne, Australia.

    • profile image

      DANIELLE  7 years ago

      Hi John thank you so very much for developing this technic. I have looked on your website regarding finding a hypo-band therapist in the central coast area NSW Australia but it seems like the closest to me is a good 2 to 3 hours away. Do you know of any new therapists coming on board that may be closer for me on the CENTRAL COAST / GOSFORD NSW AUST or even NEWCASTLE NSW AUSTRALIA. Thank you looking forward to your reply. Kind Regards Danielle

    • profile image

      John Maclean 7 years ago

      Chantele: If you go to you will be able to search for our Licensed Practitioners in Australia.

    • profile image

      John Maclean 7 years ago

      Scottish Television (STV) will be running a series of programmes following one of our Hypno-Band clients through the process. The Hypno-Band is now the world's no.1 gastric band hypnotherapy method used by more than 230 Licensed Practitioners in eleven countries. There are many imitators so it is a good idea to ensure that part of the process is dealing with your emotional and psychological triggers before moving on to the gastric band hypnosis. The Hypno-Band is designed for this and all our practitioners are trained to help clients achieve long term weight loss.

    • profile image

      Keith Williams 7 years ago

      I can only recoment you try my website for the downloads that reflect exactly what I, as a hypnotherapist, do on a one to one session with a client. You may have my email address for any further help you may need for free help.

    • profile image

      chantele 7 years ago

      Are there any places in Australia that do this hypnotherapy?

    • profile image

      Keith Williams 7 years ago

      I'm a psychotherapist & clinical hypnotherapist based in N.Wales. I've derived my own effective application of gastric band hypnosis with great success.

      Reading Judy's comments on the necessity of

      treating the accompanying emotional and psychological issues that underlie eating disorders and weight problems, I fully concur with what was said.

      I have often been asked to make a recording of the sessions, mainly because of the relatively high cost of attending therapy, but only recently have I managed to put together a coherent course consisting of around 4 downloads which cover many of the underlying stresses and mental states and can be obtained from my website.

      I have found it essential to keep full contact with online clients both before and after they have downloaded the system. This helps to ensure excellent results and that

      these results are made sustainable.

    • profile image

      ann philips 7 years ago

      I had hypnosis gastric band operation. by a team in SUSSEX, I was great and have lost 4stone at the moment they are Mount View Hypno. mount.view hypnosis


    • profile image

      Etta Stephenson 8 years ago

      Is there anywhere in the US where I can get an appointment? Hopefully, near or in Arkansas.

    • profile image

      bridin mc kenna 8 years ago

      Hi Judy

      I am based in the Belfast Chiropractic Clinic, Ormeau Road, Belfast. My Number is 07885163409 for appointments.

    • profile image

      judy perry 8 years ago

      please can you tell me how i can get an appointment

    • profile image

      bridin mc kenna 8 years ago


      I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Belfast, and have been using this technique on clients with massive success. The course of treatment also includes a combination of Hypnotherapy, N.L.P, E.F.T and Psychotherapy, as it is crucial to identify and treat the accompaning emotional and psychological issues and all the clinic's offering the surgical option offer this support? I have worked with a number of clients who had a gastric band fitted and had hit a 'brick wall' with the weightloss. If the body looses weight too rapidly, the subconcious will react as if being starved, resulting in the excess fat being stored instead of lost. This is the main reason why most dieters regain not only the lost weight but will in fact gain more.

      The virtual hypno treatment will produce amazing results, however only if accompanied by effective interventions and some effort from the client!!!

      For those waiting for the magic fat pill or magic wand.....sorry to disappoint, but smaller portions, exercise and dealing with the emotional triggers and associations is the only way forward!!!

    • profile image

      John Maclean 8 years ago

      Well thanks dgodot! The Hypno-band is now available in UK, Ireland,Spain,Australia and Canada! This is an effective and safe alternative to gastric band surgery.

    • dgodot profile image

      dgodot 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks for keeping us up to date on these interesting developments, John.

    • profile image

      John Maclean 8 years ago

      Having developed the Hypno-Band system we are now licensing practitioners (see website) and now have Licensed Practitioners in four countries and two continents who are seeing great results.

    • profile image

      John Maclean 8 years ago

      I have been successfully using this technique for some time in UK and Spain. I am in the process of writing a course module for experienced hypnotherapists.

    • Hypnotherapy-Guru profile image

      Hypnotherapy-Guru 8 years ago from Idaho

      Very interesting. I know that hypnosis can be very successful for many different things. Great hub!

    • dgodot profile image

      dgodot 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Hi Tony,

      The procedure is so new that I doubt it is really being covered by any specific hypnosis classes at this point. There may be an adventurous professor or two who are touching on the subject in their general hypnosis classes. I would say that any good clinical hypnotherapy program offered by a university, school of professional psychology, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, etc would give you all the skills you would need to perform this type of intervention. You can read more about the different types of hypnosis certifications on my hub about Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss ( Perhaps I will write a hub just on the topic of hypnosis training programs soon.

    • profile image

      Tony Dunne 8 years ago

      Hi can you tell me if you have a course regarding the gastric band hypnosis?