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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy London - How to Choose a Good Practitioner

Updated on February 22, 2013

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy London - Who Should I Choose?

Since setting up my London Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Clinic I have noticed increasing numbers of practitioners offering quick fix measures in order to solve their clients weight loss issues. In particular a number of practitioners are jumping on the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy bandwagon and offering all manner of quick solutions to clients which they advertise as creating weight loss sometimes in as little as one session. So this article will set out the facts about hypnosis so that potential clients have more information to work with before choosing a practitioner.

Firstly just some of the deals that I have seen include the following:

Groupon - Cheap deals offered for Gastric Banding

Gastric Band Hypnosis - In as little as one session

MP3's - Downloads and Apps costing just pence offering to change your life

Suggestion Hypnosis - As a one size fits all approach to weight loss

The first thing I would like to point out is that if a weight problem that has been going on for years and which involves other symptoms such as anxiety or depression it is not going to be fixed in one session. Clients may be looking for a cheap miracle cure but frankly it doesn't exist. Most of these cheap deals that I have highlighted about involve suggestion hypnosis. Suggestion hypnosis is getting a client into a deeply relaxed state and giving them suggestions. For highly suggestible people this can create dramatic transformation but for the rest of us it does very little at all. Think about it Derren Brown will pull out one of two suggestible people out of an audience of hundreds. This does not mean that the others can't be treated it simply means that it will take different methods which take much longer than an instant stage induction.

The same issue exists when dealing with clients for the Hypnotic Gastric Band which should never be completed in one session. Instead there should be a minimum of 4 or 5 sessions during which the emotional reasons for a persons overeating is discovered. This involves rapport with the therapist, practiced self hypnosis between sessions and a skilled hypnotist who can use parts therapy and regression therapy to determine the root cause. Hypnosis may be a fast therapy but it is still a therapy and not a quick fix. The sooner some therapists stop selling their clients a quick miracle the better it is for all of us.


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