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Gastritis, what is that?

Updated on August 29, 2010

Unclear abdominal discomfort
Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The concept of gastritis were so many previous abdominal discomfort and including some obscure. Nowadays, as the only diagnosed when you have performed a gastroscopy, which is a special examination of the stomach.

Chronic gastritis
One can also have an autoimmune form of chronic gastritis, which has antibodies against the hydrochloric acid-producing cells. There is also another form of gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori.

Gastritis can also be caused by drugs in the NSAID (aspirin).

Stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer
Symptoms of gastritis vary according to whether the wound is in the stomach or duodenal mucosa. When a duodenal ulcer has been so dull pain radiating to your back and can be very annoying at night because it can be difficult to sleep. Some individuals may experience eating food reduces the pain but when you eat so you can feel very satisfied and uneasy in the stomach. When the wound is in the stomach so often feel pain in the upper abdomen and it can get worse when you eat. This means that you are not so eager to eat, many are also feeling nausea.

It can be very difficult to understand that you have a stomach ulcer for it is often confused with an upset stomach alternative suites of gastritis. Gastritis is a temporary imbalance in the stomach slemhinnefunktion. It may also be that you do not have any special symptoms.

Sometimes when you have an ulcer as it begins to bleed and then the symptoms become clearer. The wound starts to bleed when the gastric acid corroded a broken blood vessel in the stomach. If the wound is small so you feel a bit sick often constant. If the wound is larger may be both very sore stomach and blood in stool and vomiting in. It is important to treat this type of wound immediately because the wound can lead to blood shortages, which in turn leads to pallor and great fatigue. In the long run, it can also lead to a life-threatening situation.

Gastric acid
In the consideration of gastritis, it is important to try to neutralize the acid in the stomach as it always irritates inflamed parts of the stomach ulcer. Since gastric acid is a natural part of the stomach degradation function so it's not about getting rid of the acid but of making it less demanding. For that reason the medications available for gastritis to gastric acid and the killing of Helicobakter pylori.

There are drugs that block the secretion of acid in the stomach, there are others that strengthen the stomach's food (helps to heal the wound) and finally, there are drugs that are more about controlling the nausea and vomiting accompanying. Generally it can take anywhere between two to eight weeks for an ulcer to heal, this course may differ substantially between the size of the wounds.

As a last resort so you can operate your ulcer to close the wound, but fortunately it's only very few people who have to undergo an operation and it is also very few who actually have a bleeding ulcer.

When it comes to natural treatments for gastritis, so it is best to take care of his body and concentrate on what you eat. For example it is important not to eat too strong and even the hot food on it can be difficult for the stomach to handle. It is also important to eat regularly in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. When it comes to what to eat so you should try to eat food and drink that provides vitamins and minerals, it can be, for example, carrot juice or coconut water. It will also try to avoid too heavy physical exercise but light exercise is good. Also, avoid drugs that irritate the mucosa including aspirin.



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