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Gays Who Wear Glasses Sure Can Kick Asses - Forty-Something Gay, ep55

Updated on May 8, 2011

When Rosie O’Donnell started doing video blogs my mother decided I needed to do video blogs. While my mother does not control all of my actions (at forty-something) when she’s right, she’s right. And so I began to wonder what I could say on a video that needed to been seen and not just read as my blogs were on my website. What perspective could I give that perhaps others share and some don’t even understand? Well, all I had going for me was that I had lived forty-something years and I was a gay man. Hmmmm, that’s it! And thus the Forty-Something Gay video blog was born! I hope you enjoy this one and all the installments which are available on YouTube!

Episode 55 – Gays Who Wear Glasses Sure Can Kick Asses! Look, I’m a forty-four year old gay and my patience is all but completely gone. So when you tell me my new glasses will take seven to ten days and it takes twenty-three someone’s going to pay and it won’t be this Jewish forty-something gay!


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