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Gel Manicures and Dreams

Updated on February 1, 2013

Most ladies want to get some work done. They want to be beautiful from head to toe. The problem is, making yourself too beautiful has its price. Many would go to the extremes to have their body parts changed. Beauty could sometimes be dangerous. Gel manicures are becoming controversial for its safety issues. I was watching an episode of the Dr.Oz show where there was a discussion about how gel manicures could hurt the nails.

This article will make you think twice about having nails done. Gel manicures can cause infection and damage to nails. It all starts with the application process. Most salons use UV light. The nails are placed under the light which can damage the nails. This is followed by the removal process. In this step, manicurists use chemicals such as acetone to clean the nails. When nails are soaked in acetone, the nails become thin. Scraping the nails with a mechanical device can hurt the nails. It breaks the nails and make the nails more fragile. Bacteria could be formed and redness may occur.

The dermatologist recommended some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of gel manicures.

1. Look for LED lights- They can cure nails faster and are more efficient than UV light.

2. Put sunscreen before you put your nails under the light.

3. Put on anti-UV gloves for protection. Apply it before the process starts. It only costs $10.

4. Apply a base coat on your nails every night. Avoid harmful chemicals such as Tulane and Formaldehyde.

Ever wonder how dreams can communicate with people. Sometimes symbols can help us unlock the mysteries of our dreams. Believe it or not, dreams can help us solve our health problems. Cynthia Richmond who is a dream expert was a guest on the Dr.Oz show. She told the audience that the subconscious mind tries to communicate with people through dreams. Here are some symbols that usually appear in dreams. These symbols can provide us with clues on how to solve our health problems.

House -It means that there must be something wrong with any part of the body. For example, the spine. It may tell us that we may have back problems.

Kitchen- This symbolizes nutrition. The food we eat could determine if we have issues concerning our nutrition.

Bathroom-It symbolizes digestion. It tells us that we need to cleanse our digestive system.

Bedroom- This may tell us that there could be some problems with our sleep and sexual performance. This may serve as a warning that a person has sexual dysfunction.

Roof- It symbolizes the mind. A person may be suffering from memory loss such as Alzheimer's disease.

There are four common dreams that people dream of. Richmond explained that these could provide meanings to our health dilemmas.

1. People sometimes dream of being naked in public and people would be staring at them. This means that you feel overexposed. There is shame and humiliation in your spirit.

2. If you dream about taking an exam and didn't know that there will be a test, this means that you are having a mild anxiety. For example, you promised to quit smoking and didn't. You fear that there may be a blood test that will show dismal results. Another example would be high cholesterol levels. You are afraid of the negative consequences of having an unhealthy diet.

3. People usually dream of flying and soaring in the clouds. This is a positive sign because you are being released from gravity. You are being released from physical limitations. It gives you a sense of freedom and peace.

4. If you dream that your mouth is watery or if you are binge eating in your dream,it means that you are depriving yourself of the food that you love. You are being compensated for what you can't have during your waking states.

I hope this article would be a wake-up call to all the readers. This well help us pay attention to our health and safety. We should never take our health for granted. Look out for the warning signs and pay regular visits to the doctor.


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