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Herpes Stigma: A Shocking Survey Reveals Public Ignorance!

Updated on May 11, 2012

Herpes Stigma

Herpes is a very common virus infecting approximately 45 million people in the United States. The effects of the herpes stigma is out of proportion to the actual virus. While herpes symptomsare sometimes uncomfortable, they are rarely more complicated than a common skin rash. Unlike the oral herpes stigma, the genital herpes stigma is far more devasting to a person's psycologial well-being.

Herpes is the Second Most Stigmatize STD!

In 2006 and 2007 a Harris Interactive poll was conducted iconsisting of nearly 2000 participants.. 1,400 people said that they did not have herpes and about 500 who said that they were positive for herpes. The results are staggering!!

The participant’s were questioned about their views and relationships about herpes and out of all the sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, they collectively ranked herpes second for social stigma. Only HIV and the HIV stigma ranked higher.

Thirty-nine per cent of the participants who had herpes stated they were affected by social stigma surrounding the herpes virus.

Due to the negative herpes stigma, most people without herpes said they not pursue a herpes dating relationship with someone who has herpes and break up with a partner who had herpes.

If this survey is an accurate reflection of the view of the majority of the American public then it deeply saddens me to know that most people would avoid having a relationship with someone with herpes or break up with a partner who had herpes.

Of all of the things that can go wrong in a relationship, herpes should be so far down the list that it’s nearly invisible.

There is no herpes medication to mask the herpes stigma that is draped upon those of us you have this irritating skin condition.

I Need Your Herpes Stigma Help!

I'm searching for other people's opinions on this topic. In order to receive accurate data on this subject I'm looking for feedback from couples who are in a committed relationship and where only one person has been diagnosed with HSV (either 1 or 2). The other person must be completely free of the virus.

Please only answer the question once and above all HONESTLY. The data collected must be true and accurate.

If I find that the data is supporting my opinions, I plan on conducting a media blitz through blogs, articles, website partnerships and press releases to bring attention to this matter.

The question is: "What is the most serious problem that you face in a relationship with a person who has been diagnosed with HSV?"

Please respond to the below poll. I'm very interested in hearing your comments.

Thank you in advance and I'm looking forward to seeing the results and bring attention to this serious issue. Feel free to PM or contact me if I can help you.

To your success and happiness!

Answer This Herpes Stigma Poll Question

What is the most serious problem that you face in a realtionship with a person who has been diagnosed with HSV?

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    • prodriver08 profile image

      prodriver08 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Although it is possible to have HSV without having an outbreak it's highly unlikely. You have more than likely had outbreaks before but just didn't notice them or overlooked it as being another condition....if you even have it.

      Get yourself tested (HSV Blood Test) as soon as possible and let me know how it turns out. This may provide more insights.

      Wishing you success and happiness


    • profile image

      well, my boyfriend was diagnosed with herpes 5 years ago

      my bf was diagnosed w/ herpes and he lost his virginiaty to me. we've been dating for a year. ive had several boyfriends in my life i am 31 and he is 19. he went to the doctor after he had a very small out break to see what it was and he said it was herpes. i was shocked because i did not even think i had it. in my whole life no one ive been with has had symptoms or signs of it and i have never had an outbreak or any of the symptoms either. i still have not had an outbreak and we sleep together without a condom. even when he had sores. i still have no symptoms. what is going on?

    • prodriver08 profile image

      prodriver08 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      It's important for you to know that just because you have become one of the many who are living your own personal hell, you do have the power to rise above it.

      Many people know that I have genital herpes...and not just my close family members and friends. I own and operate a website dedicated to helping people just like you. With this being said, in order for me to "walk-the-talk", I had to reveal to the world about my identity and my condition.

      Although I really didn't have any problems with herpes before, I can honestly say that creating the website and submitting articles has been an uplifting experience...and it's all because I have herpes.

      You can experience the uplifting feelings too by sharing your experiences with others. Just knowing that others are having the same thoughts and troubles can help guide you from that dark place.

      Wishing you success and happiness,


    • profile image

      Affected 5 years ago

      I deal with this daily...sadly I've become one of those people that have locked myself in my own prison. I'm trying to get over this but it's been a year now and I can't. The attitudes of those who are ignorant to this is really bad and hurtful. It doesn't seem as though it will change anytime soon. I wish it would...

    • prodriver08 profile image

      prodriver08 7 years ago from Houston, TX

      I'd hardly describe today's herpes attitude as "cavalier". The results of the survey are proof that the attitude of the US public is prejudice.

    • profile image

      Herpes 7 years ago

      Don't be fooled by today's cavalier attitude towards the Herpe's virus. Herpes is a companion for life!