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Genital wart Home Remedy

Updated on April 10, 2013

Genital wart home remedy is very important to anyone who has genital warts. This is because it is not only embarrassing for most people to consult a doctor for genital warts but also very expensive to get treatment for these at the clinic or hospital.

Genital warts are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which is sexually transmitted. Anyone who has genital warts will have either a burning sensation or itchiness around the genital area, which can be very uncomfortable during sexual intercourse. For HPV to manifest, it could take about 3 months or even no symptoms at all for years.

Genital wart home remedy can be the greatest that can happen to anyone who got infected with HPV. It’s not only cheap but can also save one’s money from being spent on very expensive treatments. However, be aware that since the HPV is already in your body, genital wart might recur in time.

Hydrogen peroxide is one among the many genital wart home remedy. It is effective behind the principle of viruses being unable to live in areas with high concentrations of oxygen. To treat genital wart, all you need to do is to swab hydrogen peroxide on the wart itself about 3 times a day. You will know that this genital wart home remedy is effective if you’d notice the wart getting a little smaller everyday.

Vinegar is another genital wart home remedy. It can be applied on the wart itself for 3 times daily by using a cotton swab. The acetic acid content of the vinegar disintegrates the cellular composition of the genital warts, which makes the warts disappear.

Another excellent genital wart home remedy would be internal treatment by living a healthy lifestyle. You can boost your immune system by proper diet and taking vitamin-rich herbs and vegetables. This is because any type of topical genital wart home remedy might not be a long-term cure. By boosting your immune system, you are helping your body resist the HPV to be stimulated and get your genital warts to recur.


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