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Gentle Healing for Baby and Child: book review

Updated on March 17, 2011


Written by master herbalist, Andrea Candee, this book is a must have for any parent desiring alternatives to the health destroying effects of the modern drug industry. With twenty-five years of experience, both as a practitioner and mother of two, Andrea shares her wealth of timeless, traditional wisdom, coupled with modern research, in this easy-to-reference volume.

Each chapter is devoted to a general system of the human body, such as the upper respiratory system, with particular sections about common childhood complaints. Clear instructions are given for dosing herbs and healing foods, in each of their common forms: teas, salves, or essential oils, fresh, dried or powdered into capsules. In addition, there are eight useful appendices, covering subjects such as herb identification and preparation, as well as reputable sources for finding them.

More than the physical well being of children is attended to, however. Andrea's recognition that whole body health is the result of spiritual and mental health is clear, too, with ample space given to this aspect of healing. One such example,(page 18, chapter 4) is the "disappearing blood trick". When there is an injury that is bleeding, use a red washcloth to clean the wound, so that it doesn't show up, thus easing the mental trauma caused by the sight of blood. This combination of down-to-earth wisdom, common sense and just plain love, is but one reason why I keep coming back to this book again and again, whenever my children (or myself or my husband, for that matter) suffer from any kind of complaint, barring a dire emergency, for nearly all of our health needs.

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This book was a gift from my mother. Together with my sisters, we have been searching for safe alternatives to the mass marketed medical empire of our day. Many are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with conventional medicine and it's iatrogenic practices. Drugs can never bring true healing, and they disrupt the body's own mechanisms for healing itself. While the misuse of herbs can be just as dangerous and detrimental, an individual who is willing to do the proper research can be their own best health care giver. Gentle Healing is an excellent place to start.


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    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      nice information. I'll found out more about this hub. It looks interesting book and we get many benefit by reading this hub,. Thanks