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How To Look Fit At Any Age

Updated on August 21, 2014
A simple jog can work wonders!
A simple jog can work wonders!

Building Muscle

Benefits Of Building Muscle

There are many health benefits of building muscle. Building muscle can give you a good tone and improve the total look of your body. Muscle mass is actually only half the mass of fat. That is to say, muscle is not heavier then fat, it just looks smaller than fat. For example, I have been running and walking in the garden and I have noticed that I weigh the same, but my thighs do look smaller and more compact. My actual shape is changing, as I burn fat and develop muscle. Muscle uses energy whilst fat just absorbs energy and so the more un-used energy you have the larger the fat deposits in your body become.

Building muscle will help you to use the extra fat and grow your muscles. Please do not delude yourself that you are actually turning fat into muscle - fat is fat and muscle is muscle - two separate entities. Fat has no real purpose but to sit there and wait to get bigger by storing more energy. Of course we need some fat on our bodies but not an excess amount of it! Most women are afraid to do any form of muscle building training, as they believe they will look more masculine. The truth is that very few women are capable of achieving muscles the same size as men, as genetically the levels of testosterone are not high enough. Those who do get that big are normally taking some form of performance enhancer.

About two years ago, I saw a programme that documented a lady in her 70's that decided to do weight training as she was unable to clean her house. This lady made fantastic progress and yes in the end was able to clean her house and hang her curtains. Thus, the benefits of building muscle means that you will have added strength and power.

Building muscle gives you the energy to get out and have a good time, clean your house or garden and gives you a more attractive body, whether you are a man or woman. There are many ways to build muscle, you do not have to lift weights. I have been running and walking in my garden. I am not going to say it is easy, and I have gone some weeks without doing my 30 minute exercises, but I have a commitment to it, that keeps bringing me back to continue. I still try and stick to my practical ways of losing weight and this along with walking and running is helping me maintain my weight and gradually build muscle.

Good luck, do tell me how you're getting on. I will keep you posted.


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    • profile image

      SoonCome 6 years ago

      Very inspirational, dispels myths that women will look like a men if they build muscle. I shall share with my wife!

    • Chris Fry profile image

      Chris Fry 6 years ago from Cardiff, Wales (UK)

      Great article, with good advice for women too. However fat can actually be used as an energy source to fuel physical activity.