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How To Get A Great Looking Beach Body By Going To The Beach.

Updated on June 7, 2013
Two attractive people at the beach.
Two attractive people at the beach. | Source

The Beach Body

A lot of people want to look good at the beach. Swimsuits do not leave a lot to the imagination. You can see what you look like and so can lots of other people. Some people wish their body was better and others will work at improving their body. When beach season comes around there are very few people that are satisfied with their body. I also noticed that very few people use their bodies while they are at the beach.

Woman biking.
Woman biking. | Source

Getting To And From The Beach

People often drive a car to the beach but some people walk, run, bike or roller skate. I get a lot of exercise when I go to the beach because I bike to the beach. If you make it a habit to go to the beach under your own power then you can build muscle and lose fat on your way to the beach and on your way home. I biked 12 miles to the beach and 12 miles back.

After you get to the beach you can leave and come back. Explore the areas away from the beach. When I visit a beach in a park I usually leave the beach and explore the park before coming back to the beach. I bike or go for a walk in the woods near the beach.

At The Beach

The beach is a great place to get some exercise. You can swim, walk, run, kayak, do water aerobics and play games like volleyball, catch, frisbee, soccer or football. Some of the activities can be done on land or in water. For example you could walk or run in the water. Water football can be a lot of fun. Some people go surfing or windsurfing. It all ads up. I walk and swim a lot at the beach.

It is also a great place to relax. That is why beaches are so popular. When trying to improve your body you should not forget about stress. Stress can cause people to gain weight and look older even if they exercise regularly. The sights and sounds of the beach can be very relaxing but the sounds of people may not be. For a more relaxing experience look for comfortable quite location.

Beaches are great places for exercise and relaxation.
Beaches are great places for exercise and relaxation. | Source
An empty beach before beach season.
An empty beach before beach season. | Source

Before Beach Season

To prepare yourself for beach season you can start by being more active. You don't need to wait for beach season to go for bike rides or hikes. You can go to a park or an open beach. There are often some beaches you can get to in the spring. Long before it is warm enough to wear a swimsuit you can make use of the beach itself and if you can't get to a beach you can still walk, run, swim or play sports.

It takes more than a few weeks to significantly change your body. So don't wait until beach season to start. I start biking to the beach over a month before it is warm enough to wear shorts.

Beach Season

It is not a big deal if you do not reach your fat loss and muscle building goals by the start of beach season. Not very many people do because they do not usually give themselves enough time. You can continue to improve your body at the beach and while you are away from it. As the water warms up there are more opportunities to have fun while improving your body.

If you feel like you are still fat and out of shape you will not be alone. Even some of the people that look great will feel that way. The people that cover themselves up when it is hot have probably given up. Since the lack of clothes is the main reason people look better and are healthier in the summer you should try not to hide your body unless you are cold. People that go swimming in shirts stand out. It sends a clear message that they do not like their body. You can improve your body during beach season so you look and feel better.

Getting a nice beach body should be about improving your health and making you feel more confident. Do it for yourself.


Exercise And Rest

I associate the beach with exercise. When I go to the beach I get more exercise than I would if I worked out at home or at a gym. Most people associate the beach with laying on a towel because that is what they do at the beach. When I am laying or sitting down at the beach I am resting. I exercise, rest and then exercise some more. The beach is a very nice place to rest.

Getting and keeping a nice beach body requires exercise. You can get lots of exercise by going to the beach before and during the beach season. So if you want a great beach body try to spend less time sitting around and more time doing fun activities.


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