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One Simple Trick to Get Abs - How to Get A Ripped Beach Body and Sexy Ab Muscles

Updated on January 11, 2011

Get Abs!

If it were only as easy as that. Only in the movies do people have genies at their beck and call; where all they have to do is say "Get Abs" and poof - a perfect six pack magically appears. The truth is that the elusive abs are very difficult to get for a lot of people. We all want them and we all try way too hard to get them. Just like all things in life, good things come to those who wait and a great body is no exception.

One Simple Trick To Help You Lose Weight For The Summer

There is however, one thing that you can definitely do to get abs fast. That is to simply confuse your body. I recently learned a great trick. I started a running program and ran 10 miles every week. Then I gradually increased my distance to 20 miles per week. After running for a month, I had lost a lot of weight but the rate of weight loss had fallen. I was not losing as much weight as quickly anymore.

Then I had to travel out of town for an emergency work related meeting so I did not have much time to run anymore. When I got back home, I started up my program again and found that my fitness levels had dropped and I could only run for 10 miles.As I began to retrain my body, I found that my fat burning rate had increased again.

The more endurance you develop, the harder it gets to burn fat The key is to exercise in bursts. So if you have found yourself hitting a plateau and your weight loss has slowed down, take a week off and eat all you want. Then come back and ramp it up again. You will confuse your body and it will reignite your fat loss. I have found that with my body, effective fat loss means 2 steps forward and one half step back. I had to find out more about this awesome discovery

Get Ripped Using Out of the Box Tricks

Have you ever followed a workout routine or diet advice only to find that it works for the first few weeks and then your progress kinda peters out? This is the main reason why people give up on their workouts. As long as you keep getting results, motivating yourself to go workout or stick to your diet is really easy but as soon as those results dry up, so does your will power.Well.. Not Anymore

Look, we have all heard the usual tired information about losing weight. The fact is, our bodies adapt to workout "routines" fairly quickly, so you need a veritable treasure trove of advice and workouts to keep things fun, effective and entertaining.


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