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Get Better Results from Home Exercise DVDs.

Updated on June 29, 2016

If you’re not a gym bunny but like to get variety from your workouts by using home exercise DVDs you’re not alone. A lot of us don’t like the gym or don’t have the lifestyle that fits with regular gym visits. DVDs are a good way to get exercise when you can fit it in, or to supplement a running/cycling/swimming/racquet sports etc routine.

Having a selection of DVDs to choose from will help to keep you motivated with your exercise routine – yoga for stretching and taking it slow, Swiss Ball for toning the mid-section and beyond, Tae Bo for some heart-pumping action, Salsacise for some Latin sexiness - the list is endless.

How to get more out of exercise DVDs.

Personally I like to run regularly and top up with occasional DVDs but I’ve been experimenting recently with a new gadget.

The POWERbreathe is a resistance trainer device for the breathing muscles and first came to my attention when one of my respiratory patients brought one to clinic. He said it had helped his breathing more than any of the meds he’d been given. By strengthening the diaphragm he was able to take himself off most of his inhalers and I started looking into the benefits this device might have for anyone with lungs!

There are different models of POWERbreathe for different levels of lifestyle and sports fitness and I’ve got myself the Fitness Plus model – you can see it in the Amazon ad to the right here. The overall idea is that it will improve stamina and endurance in exercise.

My latest diversion with this gadget is to use it with exercise DVDs. The POWERbreathe comes with a DVD of a mini routine which gives you a flavour of what it’s like to work out using the device but my verdict is that it’s definitely worth is as it adds another dimension to exercise.

If you’re used to zoning out when you’re exercising and aren’t finding the routines very satisfying, the POWERbreathe makes you re-focus and think about your breathing as well as what your muscles are doing. That way you finish exercising with a sense of accomplishment, knowing you’ve been ‘present’ during your workout and have benefited from it!

Which home exercise DVDs are suitable to use with the POWERbreathe?

When you’re used to using the device and can comfortably use it to do 30 breathes twice a day, you’re ready to start exercising with it. Use it at the lowest setting when you begin and as you get used to it, increase the amount of time you use it during the routine.

I’ve used it with:

  • a Swiss Ball workout,
  • a yoga workout,
  • a Pilates workout
  • a Stretch Band workout.

It’s probably not suitable for using from start to finish but I used it during the warm-ups and during some of the sequences on my DVDs – I’ve put my favourite workout DVDs here if you want to add them to your library.

The POWERbreathe is especially useful for use with Pilates and Yoga workouts because emphasis is on breathing as well as movement and the device certainly makes you focus on your breathing.

AcitBreathe - Exercise with POWERbreathe

What are the results?

The week before I began using my POWERbreathe with exercise DVDs I was struggling with a 4-mile run. After trying it + DVDs I had shaved minutes off my time and my running was much easier.

While I’m doing the DVD routines I feel as if I’m getting more out of them because I’m not zoning out. I feel as if I’m working hard in a very satisfying way and when I look in the mirror I know I have! So I see it as a no-brainer addition to my home exercise routine.

The company that make POWERbreathe also make home exercise DVDs that feature the device, called ActiBreathe, showing you when to use it and how.


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    • Naima Manal profile image

      Naima Manal 6 years ago from NY

      Very interesting. I can see how adding deep breathing to a workout increases its effectiveness.


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