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You Can Get Fit After Pregnancy

Updated on November 8, 2009

Most mothers after giving birth are very much particular about losing weight. However, most women are not aware that this is one of the most critical aspects. Post pregnancy diet must be taken in consideration not just only for the mother’s nutrition but most especially for the baby’s nourishment. Though you may be eager to jump into a workout program or diet, you should give your body time to recover.

 To ensure that the mother and child are getting the right supplements, a proper post pregnancy diet should be taken. This diet must have a complete nutrients list. A breast feeding mother should in take 3 servings of milk, fish, meat, chicken, cottage cheese, lentils, which are good sources of protein while 2 servings is already enough for non breast feeding moms. Nursing mothers should also have 2 servings of vitamin C while one serving for non nursing. It is advisable to eat grapefruit, strawberries, orange, citrus, and tomatoes. 5 servings of calcium should be taken by those that breast feed while 3 is good for non nursing.

Good sources of calcium are cheddar cheese and milk. Proper diet must consist of 3 servings of fresh green leafy vegetables and yellow fruits. It is also recommended to take 6 or more servings of complex carbohydrates. Examples of these are brown rice, whole grain bread and cereals, protein pasta, and beans. Lastly, it should include foods rich in iron and 8 glasses of water everyday.

Body will recover quickly if proper diet is in consonance with regular exercise. After 6 weeks, it is advisable to check on your doctor and have your post partum check up. It takes up to 6 months after pregnancy for your body to return to normal. You can consult your doctor if you are already fit to do mild exercises. It is also suggested to see a fitness trainer who can recommend a weight loss after pregnancy program. Having experts’ guidance will have more possibility of reaching weight loss goal successfully.

Mothers on the go must have a positive outlook in regards to their target. Some results can not be seen right away. What we need to do is to have perseverance in achieving something. It is on how we motivate ourselves that we can always do better. It may take some time but if we have optimism, we will soon realize we are losing weight gradually. It is just on how we perceive things.

Applying all the guidelines in post pregnancy diet plus regular exercise and proper motivation will surely have a successful outcome. Mothers on the go can already resume with their pre pregnancy routines with a much healthier body.

It must be reiterated that the loss should not be looked upon as something that must be done as quickly as possible. It should really come off about the same sort of pace it was put on. But carry on with the exercise every day, with the healthy diet and there is no reason why all the weight that was put on should not be lost.




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