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Get Fit Fast With A Garage Crossfit Gym – Here’s How!

Updated on February 18, 2012

If you’ve set out on a mission to get fit as fast as you possibly can, turning to a Crossfit home gym is a smart way to accomplish this goal. Crossfit style of workouts are fast, effective, and fun, which will all ensure that you stick with them as time passes on.

Those who regularly try out new trends in fitness are much more likely to stay hooked for life since they won’t become bored of their stale old workout routine. Crossfit is the hottest new trend that you must try out, so let’s get you started by going over what you need to do to get fit fast in your very own Crossfit garage gym.

Get Fit Fast with Crossfit

Crossfit Tip #1: Utilize Full Body Movements

The very first tip to remember with your Crossfit workouts is that you should focus on full body movements as part of the foundation of your routine. Kettlebell swings are a perfect example of this as they’ll work the legs, upper body, as well as the core all at once.

The more muscles you have contracting each second of the movement, the higher your calorie burn will be both during that Crossfit exercise as well as after.

Crossfit Tip 2: Add Cardio Intervals Between Weight Movements

The second point to keep in mind as you perform your Crossfit exercises in your home gym is to add some cardio intervals between your strength movements. For example, try skipping for one minute straight between performing a set of lunges with adjustable dumbbells.

Or, exercise bikes make for the perfect way to add in some interval training to your Crossfit garage gym sessions. This will get your heart in shape as you focus on increasing your strength.

Crossfit Tip #3: Add In Some Balance And Agility Movements

Another key focus of your Crossfit workouts should be on increasing your balance and agility. By performing movements that have you off-balance, you’ll recruit all the smaller muscle fibers, getting them to sit up and contract hard so that you can carry out the movement pattern.

In your Crossfit home gym, include exercise balls and gymnastic rings as these are two pieces of equipment that most focus on your balance ability.

Get Fit with Crossfit
Get Fit with Crossfit | Source

Crossfit Tip #4: Don’t Forget Bodyweight Exercises

Also important as you go along with your Crossfit garage gym sessions is that you include some bodyweight exercises. Many people completely overlook how challenging bodyweight exercises can be because they’re so focused on heavy weighted exercises done with barbells or dumbbells instead.

Bodyweight exercises are nice for a change of pace and can stimulate the muscle cells just as much, if not more, than weighted movements.

Pick up a push-up bar for your home gym as well as a pull-up bar and then also make good use of burpees, jump squats, and bodyweight dips as you go about your Crossfit workout routine.

Crossfit Tip #5: Shorten Your Rest Intervals

Finally, the last way to ensure that you keep the intensity up during your Crossfit workout sessions is by keeping the total time you allow yourself to rest lower.

Rather than taking two minutes between sets of kettlebell swings for example, allow yourself just 30 seconds.

This will keep your heart rate higher throughout the workout, bringing greater cardiovascular benefits while you boost your strength. Just as with adding intervals in did above, this will make your Crossfit sessions very well-rounded.

So keep these tips in mind as you perform your Crossfit home gym workouts. Follow them and you can feel confident you’re on track to optimal results.

Crossfit Basic Equipment


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    • kjrzeek1 profile image

      kjrzeek1 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I love crossfit and all the benefits of training like this. People don't understand how important intensity is in a workout! Nice Hub.