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Get It Fit

Updated on July 30, 2012

Get your head out of the fridge!

You are not hungry; you're bored. Stop making hunger a habit. Want something to do? I will give you something to do. Grab some iced water, maybe some music, and get outside.

Start with some stretches. Jog in place. Do a few kicks. Throw some punches. Have a punching bag? If so, hit it. Jog in place better yet jog around your yard or neighborhood.

What is your excuse for not exercising? Kids, weather, work. Get over it. I have no sympathy for you. Need more energy? Drink coffee. Have a child? Let them workout with you. Its funner than it sounds and it will give your child some exercise as well. Have an Infant? Put them in their stroller they will enjoy the fresh air. Its raining? Work out inside while you clean up the house. As your going up and down the stairs throw some punches in the air.

It helps to exercise. If you are working take a quick break, 5 minutes or so, and relax with a few stretches walk around your desk and office.

Stop making excuses. Its time to get into shape. If you keep putting it off it will be harder to get back into shape and it will feel impossible. Start a routine and stick to it. Come up with times to eat. You do not need to go on a diet. Yes, I said it. You don't have to. As long as you are burning off your calories. If your not as active as you should be you should watch your calorie intake. It is important to stay healthy and fit.

Why not start right now? Now later. Now.


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