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Get Pain Relief with Stinging Nettle Tea

Updated on July 7, 2011
The Stinging Nettle
The Stinging Nettle

The stinging nettle - urtica dioica in Latin - is a plant common to the temperate climates of the northern hemisphere – in particular Europe and North America. Growing to about 1 – 2 metres tall, stinging nettles are known both for their ability to grow rampantly without encouragement, and their uncomfortable sting.

Although their rate of growth and sting have seen them regarded as a weed by most people, it is this same sting which gives stinging nettles their extraordinary curative properties, not least of which is it’s ability to help manage pain.  

Historically, stinging nettles were used to treat pain by gently thrashing them against the affected area. Relief was generally immediate, with the popularity of this treatment ensuring it’s place as a well-known home remedy for joint and muscle pain.

Today, fortunately an easier solution exists than smacking yourself with a garden herb. Today, stinging nettle tea has been found to be a particularly effective method of delivering the myriad of health benefits contained in the stinging nettle into a person’s system.

It Just Works

Although stinging nettle tea has anecdotally been proven to be useful in the management of long term pain, the actual mechanism by which this occurs still remains a mystery.

Some theorise that the discomfort of the stinging nettle’s sting itself is enough to distract the patient from their current pain. Others theorise that the chemical compounds which cause the pain of the stinging nettle interact with the bodies nervous system signals, interfering with it’s ability to transmit feelings of pain in areas where pain is already present.

Make Your Own Stinging Nettle Tea!

The Most Cost-Effective and Natural Method of Pain Relief

Being completely organically grown, and freely available on the side of the road, or in any unmaintained area of countryside, stinging nettle’s are a particularly accessible form of pain relief medication.

As an added side benefit of using stinging nettle tea, you will notice an increased sense of general well being. The list of benefits of stinging nettle tea is long indeed, and it is certain that these benefits will spill over into other areas of your health also.

Making your own stinging nettle tea – if possible for you to do so – allows you to have ultimate control over where it sourced, and how it is brewed. Typically used in conjunction with other herbal remedies, stinging nettles are ideal to experiment with to find a blend that will suit your condition, body type and tastes.

If you don’t live in an area with stinging nettles though, do not worry. As a ready-made product, stinging nettle tea is available from many health food stores on the internet. Alternatively, visit your local health food store, chemist or homeopath.

If you’d like to prepare your own stinging nettle tea, I’ve prepared a guide for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways in which stinging nettle tea can benefit other areas of your health, then see the related links section below.

What’s your experiences using stinging nettle tea for pain relief? Let us know in the comments section below…


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    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      WOW this tea is amazing and yes nature does provide us with everything we need to fix anything we face. LOVE this get pain relief with the stinging nettle tea, I will def add this tea to my stock pile. Love the bloke in the vids, fab just fab. :)