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You Know You Want To Start Yoga!

Updated on November 11, 2012
Half Moon Pose ardha-chandrasana
Half Moon Pose ardha-chandrasana | Source

So, you have decided you want to begin practicing yoga. Now what? What do you need to do before going to a class? Here are some tips to help you get ready to practice yoga.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. You should also practice in space that is warm. This is because most people practice yoga in their bare feet and you do not want your feet to get cold. Having your feet bare will bring more freedom to your movements. Having a sticky mat made for yoga is also a good investment. When you put your yoga mat in any space, it will automatically be a special place for you.

It is best to practice on an empty stomach, though. The optimum time after a full meal would be four hours and after a snack wait an hour. This will allow for much more freedom of movement. Be sure and hydrate before a yoga session, as well.

Before you start your practice, decide how much time you are going to allot. Make your goal easily attainable. You do not want to set yourself up for failure before you even start. Gradually add time and more postures as you become accustomed to your yoga routine. But, do not get ahead of yourself and try to do a routine that is ahead of you. It is better to practice every day for a short time than to practice a few days a week for a longer time. The body will respond much better to regular practice.

Try to have short sessions all throughout your day. Twist in your office chair. Or, do a backbend over the back of your chair. When you are in a stressful situation, do a long single exhalation to soften the skin on your face. Have a ten minute break? Spend it meditating. You will be quite amazed at what these small amounts of effort towards bringing yoga into your life will accomplish.

Try to focus on where you are at this very moment. Do not practice yoga for the future. Practice it for the now. Enjoy what is available from your practice for today. If you are always striving to get better for tomorrow, you will miss the joy yoga can bring to every day life.

Many exercise programs fail because we set goals that are unattainable. However, if you plan ahead, before you even start your yoga practice, you will have a better chance of staying with it. Just remember to keep your goals reasonable and enjoy the moment you are experiencing right now.


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