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Get Relief from Congestion With a Neti Pot

Updated on January 9, 2008
Courtesy of NeilMed
Courtesy of NeilMed

If you are a chronic allergy sufferer, or catch frequent colds that tend to linger, a neti pot may be for you. Neti pots are ancient Indian implements that help you irrigate your nasal passages.

Wait! Don't run away.

This sounds nasty, but it can actually work better than medication. After all, isn't relief from the ache and pounding of allergies worth a little momentary discomfort?

How Does the Neti Pot Work?

You prepare a saline solution and pour it from the neti pot into one nostril. The salt clears your passageways and exits through the other nostril. The process takes a little practice, but after a few tries, it's painless, easy, and fast.

What Does the Neti Pot Do?

The result of this nasal rinse is the loosening of impacted mucus and debris like dust and smoke. The process of loosening and eliminating the gunk takes minutes instead of hours, and the results can be remarkable. The web is filled with very impressive testimonials from people claiming that this simple procedure has changed their lives.

Before you run out and start using your neti pot, be sure to read the directions carefully. It's important to mix your solution correctly and make sure that the salt has been dissolved. It's also important to tilt your head correctly and bend down afterward.

How Much Does the Neti Pot Cost?

For under $20.00, you can find a neti pot with a starter supply of salt. Demand has made them pretty easy to find, and even Walmart now carries them.

Before you go through another congested, miserable night, check out the benefits of the neti pot. It is a safe, natural solution to the problem of nasal congestion, pressure, and headache. It is also free of the interaction problems common to many cold and allergy medications.


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