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Get Results Fast. Quickly Achieve Your Goals. Be More Productive.

Updated on November 6, 2014

Getting Things Done Faster

Often people achieve their goals very slowly or not at all. They start working on a goal and weeks or months later they still have not accomplished very much. I was getting things done but it was not enough. After accomplishing one of my goals I noticed it took over 3 months. It should not have taken that long. I wanted to get more done in less time. So I came up with some rules to improve my productivity.

Taking steps to achieve my goal is good but slowly getting results is not. Getting things done faster means I can do more of the things I want to do. I want to accomplish my goals as soon as possible so I can move onto the next one.

Make Specific Goals

Know when you achieved your goal.
Know when you achieved your goal. | Source

How do you know when to stop working on a goal? It is important to be specific so you know when you are done. If you want to lose weight specify the amount of weight you want to lose. If you want save up some money then specificity how much money you want to save. It does not matter what the goal is. You should have a finish line. There should be a point when you know that you accomplished your goal.

It is easy to just keep working and working on a goal at the expense of other goals. You continue to work on the goal with no end in sight because you did not specify what the end was. Avoid making vague goals. To achieve your goals faster you should write down what the end is. That way you can finish with the goal you were working on and move on to other things.

Set Deadlines

Give yourself a deadline.
Give yourself a deadline. | Source

Open ended goals tend to take a very long time to accomplish. It is important to set a start and a finish date. People usually meet their deadlines. If it needs to be done by the end of the week then you finish it by the end of the week. Don't procrastinate. Start as soon as possible and achieve your goal before the deadline is up. To achieve your goals faster shorten the duration of the deadline. Just keep it in the realm of possibility.

Make a deadline, write it down and tell people. Setting an end date is not enough. You need to feel like it must be done by the end date. Deadlines come with consequences. Missing the deadline should have negative consequences. Meeting the deadline should have positive consequences. For personal goals reward yourself for making the deadline. Miss out on the reward if you miss the deadline. Use positive reinforcement.

I decided I wanted to finish going through the pictures on my computer by Friday night so I could do other things I wanted to do on the weekend. That gave me 5 days to go through thousands of pictures. Photography is one of my hobbies, I have pictures people have sent me and ones I downloaded from the internet. If I met the deadline I could play video games on the weekend. If I missed the deadline I would not play video games. Having a deadline got me to do what I needed to do to quickly achieve my goal.

Keep track of your effort and results.
Keep track of your effort and results. | Source

Keep Track

When exercising it is important to have feedback. To get a lot done you should be keeping track of things like the duration, the distance, the speed, the number of reps or the weight and the results of your work. A lack of feedback generally means you are less productive and more likely to give up. It is the same with any goal. You should be keeping track of the amount of what you are doing, the effort you are putting into it and your progress.

I was not making any progress doing leg lifts and planks to strengthen my abs because I would stop when I felt like stopping. After I started timing myself I was able to start making progress. I increased the duration of the exercise and strengthened my abs. When I started cleaning my house every day I was not making enough progress. So I set aside a specific amount of time to clean every day.

Do More

Do more than the minimum.
Do more than the minimum. | Source

Often people will do the minimum. They get into the habit of doing just enough. In some cases they get into the habit of not doing enough. Then they wonder why it is taking so long to get the results they want. If you want fast results then you need to do more than the minimum. Figure out how much you could be doing and do it. If you are exercising to lose fat then workout for more than 10 to 20 minutes a day.

I was doing a short intense workout. Once a day 5 days a week was enough to make progress. However I got results faster when I started doing it 3 times a day. I was putting in the minimum amount of time and effort into cleaning my house. It felt like it was going to take forever. So I went from doing the minimum to doing the maximum. What could have taken 6 months or more only took two weeks.

Avoid Distractions

It is easy to get distracted. You should be working on your goals but you end up wasting time instead. Know yourself and plan ahead. Remove the temptation to do things you should not be doing while working on your goals by doing them in your free unproductive time. I kept getting distracted while using the internet. To fix the problem I started using the internet more during my recreational time when I was not doing anything productive.

During your recreational time do the things you feel like doing for fun. Get it out of your system. That way you will not be distracted when you are working on your goals or when you are at work. Keep the TV off while you are working unless you are working out and watching TV at the same time. Stay focused on the task you are supposed to be working on.

Stay Positive

It is important to stay positive. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions. Think you can achieve your goal. If you experience a set back don't focus on the set back. Focus on your goal and the steps you can take to achieve it. People that experience a set back often sabotage themselves. They will do the opposite of what they should be doing.

Pay attention to your thoughts. If you notice that they are negative then replace them with positive ones. Self sabotage is very common when people are working on goals, especially when the goal involves diet or exercise. Telling yourself not to think about something does not work. Practice thinking positive thoughts and using positive statements. Think about things you want instead of things you don't want.

No Excuses

People tend to make excuses. They play the blame game. You make excuses when you decide to do something bad. You blame other people or situations when you don't want to take responsibility for your actions. Making excuses is a form of self sabotage. The person stops themselves from doing the things they should be doing to achieve their goals and then they usually blame someone or something else to make themselves feel better.

Obstacles will get in your way. When they do don't play the blame game. Don't use them as an excuse not to bother working on your goals. Blaming other people or situations makes it easier to justify your own bad behavior. To be more successful and accomplish your goals sooner take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Reasons are logical explanations based on a belief or the truth. Sometimes you will have good reasons to take time off from working on your goals. If you are making up explanations to justify your actions then it is an excuse.

I was in the habit of taking steps to achieve my goals but only if nothing got in the way. Sometimes a situation or person would stop me from taking the steps I needed to take. It was like they were sabotaging me. I stopped accepting defeat. Now If something gets in the way I try to take the steps I need to take anyway. I might need to change the when, where and how but I try to get it done.

Declutter Your Life

Free up more time and energy by decluttering your life. Remove unnessary things that use up your time and energy. Follow fewer people on social media sites, unsubscribe from newsletters, send and read fewer text messages, clean your house and clear the extra files off your computer. Watch fewer TV shows, spend less time playing video games and reduce the number of goals you are working on.

Unnecessary items and activities slow you down. So does being disorganized. After you get rid of the clutter organize your stuff and your time. Prioritize and organize to get things done faster. Become more efficient. Limit the number of goals you are working on to a very small number. Wait until you achieve a goal before you add more to your list. Organize your schedule and environment so you can do things more efficiently.

Rules for Quickly Achieving Your Goals

  1. Make specific goals so you know when you are done.
  2. Set deadlines. Try to finish by a specific date and time.
  3. Keep track of your efforts and your results.
  4. Do more than the minimum. Do the maximum.
  5. Avoid distractions. Stay focused on the goal.
  6. Be positive. Think about what you want.
  7. Don't make excuses. Take responsibly for your actions.
  8. Declutter your life. Stop wasting your time and energy.

Stop holding yourself back. Accelerate your success by following the rules to get more done in less time. Quickly accomplish your goal so you can move on to another one. I started to make sure that I followed the rules. Now I am much more productive. Instead of accomplishing a little I accomplish a lot. I get things done quickly. Changing my behavior a little made a big difference.

© 2014 Michael H


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Nice Hub; great ideas and I like your rules. Easily applicable to so many things or areas. Nice body.