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Get Rid For Good!

Updated on September 12, 2010

Diets don't work! So why are there still so many diets around and why are people especially women always ready to try them? We all should have learnt by now why diets do not work long-term. Fair enough if you have to fit into a dress by tomorrow or something, I'll let you off but other wise who is still going on diets? And why? Oprah has told us over and over that diets do not work and I really believe it, I thought everyone did by now.

What does work however is to cut out or down on the bad stuff and include regular exercise! Regular exercise is a big one. And if you do regular exercise, you have to do an hour of aerobic exercise (running, skipping, brisk walking, jogging) at least three times a week. More if you are older or prone to weight gain, I'm afraid! Plus this does not mean you can then eat whatever you like, you have to still cut out the bad stuff and then treat yourself every now and then. That's the only way folks! Weight training is also important because the more toned your muscles are, the more they will help with the weight loss.

The key is to make lots of exercise a part of your lifestyle, do it and forget about it. Then one day you wake up and exercise is like food to you and you plan your day, so you can fit it in. I cycle every where so that's my aerobic exercise sorted. Extremely dangerous in London but my exercise is sorted!! I also run and do specific muscle toning stuff. Well I'm a personal trainer, so I know it's different for me, if I didn't do lots of exercise I would not be a good trainer. But I have only been a trainer since 2004. Before that I struggled to fit exercise into my life too. But my cousin got me into running regularly, now I can't imagine my life without running. I ran five marathons, due to all the frustrations I was facing, How to Run 26 Miles and Survive - The London Marathon  before I became an instructor and then a personal trainer. And yes, that's a benefit releasing pain and aggression, the endorphins released help the body and mind.

And I can't say I love exercising either! What running the most taxing exercise for the body, I think not, but when you see the benefits you do it and it's part of life. Lots of life we do but don't necessarily enjoy, in my case most of my life is pure discipline not enjoyment, so exercise became one of those things I do but I don't always enjoy. I love running when I run well but that doesn't always happen so it's really a chore! So if I can do it guys, so can you. If you're into astrology, I have had a relentless task master all my life, one who let's you get away with nothing. Life of a Capricorn............... I guess that helps too.

Weight training is also important
Weight training is also important

If you insist on dieting, you will not succeed long-term. You will succeed in becoming a yo-yo dieter that's for sure and you will put all the weight you lose back on over and over but keeping the weight off that way will not work. Plus you will probably mess up your metabolism, which means you are basically messing up your body. No wonder then that when the weight goes back on, a few extra pounds or worse go on too. It all becomes a vicious cycle of dieting and putting the weight back on, don't do it!


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    • profile image

      Oremie 7 years ago

      Glad you liked it! Good-luck!

    • sir_tallest profile image

      sir_tallest 7 years ago

      your hub is good....thanks......wonderful tips to help me girlfriend lose weight.