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Get Rid Of A Bruise Fast

Updated on July 15, 2015
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Brian Gray obtained his degree in Language from Lee University and has been a published author and professional writer since 1985.

The Secret To Removing A Bruise Fast Is In The Herbs Inside This Jar
The Secret To Removing A Bruise Fast Is In The Herbs Inside This Jar

The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Bruises

We have all done it at some time in our lives, some of us more than others...taken a fall, bumped into something, gotten hit...and the end result was a big, unsightly, black, blue and purple bruise. And when you got a bruise, what was the very next thing you did? Looked for a cure. Who wants to wear that big, purple, neon sign? Nowadays, thanks to the internet, most of us immediately start looking online for ways to get rid of the embarrassing attention grabber on our bodies that is the result of the accident. It’s off to the internet, search for answers, and hope that the “remedy” found therein actually does something—fast! Who doesn’t want an instant, quick and easy remedy for an ugly bruise? What would you do if I told you that there actually IS a fast remedy for bruises? Something that will remove a bruise while you watch? Well, there is.

The Answer Comes From Ancient China

Before going into a description of that magic liniment, know this: not everything you find on the internet works. I have looked at a few purported “cures,” and there are many that would simply rank right up there with faith, voodoo, or psychosomatic manipulation, so to help eliminate those, we should briefly discuss scientific and medical facts, because that it where the real answer lies. A normal bruise takes anywhere from two to three weeks to disappear, and many of the “cures” that I have seen offered on the internet will still take days and weeks to get rid of the bruise. If the remedy takes that long, may as well just let the bruise heal on its own. For my personal needs, I want a bruise remover that works the same day, preferably right as I am applying the remedy. Someone show me otherwise, if it exists, but the only remedy that I have seen that will take a bruise out while you watch, literally that fast, is an ancient herbal formula that was invented in China thousands of years ago...and it is still being used today. More on that in a moment.

What Is A Bruise?

As I stated, if we are going to truly understand what it takes to remove a bruise fast, we first have to understand just what a bruise is, medically speaking. I think that when people understand what a bruise is, and what medical conditions contributed to its appearance, then when I tell them about the remedy, it is going to make better sense. This should also make it easier to understand why some folk remedies simply do not work, and equally important, what a fast bruise remover would have to do in order to be considered effective. Without getting too medically technical, to define a bruise in the simplest wording, a bruise happens when the soft tissues are impacted by some blunt trauma, such as being struck with a fist, for example, and the impacting force is strong enough that the local capillaries break and literally leak red blood cells. This leaked blood then sits directly underneath the surface of the skin and appears as a reddish-purple discoloration. Normally, if you press on your skin, it “blanches,” or loses color when you do so, because the capillaries will shunt the blood away from the pressure that you are applying, but a bruise does not react the same. This is because a bruise is coagulating blood sitting there waiting to be reabsorbed. Until the reabsorption process can work its magic, that purple spot is going to remain visible. After a couple of days, the red blood cells will start to break down, and the bruise will start to change color. This is why a person sees the bruise go from reddish to dark purple, eventually to greenish in about a week, and finally, it turns brown or yellow. This is the very slow reabsorption process in action. Also, think of a bruise as a small pool of blood that gravity will pull to the lowest point in its location, and this will explain why the bruise isn’t always at the exact point of contact.

Reabsorbing The Bruise

So, if the secret to removing a bruise is reabsorbing the leaked blood, the only remedy that is going to get rid of a bruise faster than simply waiting is to apply something that stimulates the re-absorption process. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I would be remiss, however, if I did not mention that there are more severe cases of bruising and complications, such as calcium deposits that develop at the location of the bruise. This is called heterotopic ossification, and treating this should be left to doctors. Nonetheless, I genuinely believe that the remedy I am going to discuss would actually dissolve this calcium deposit if the deposit is relatively fresh. The reason I say this is because this herbal formula has been used in Chinese medicine to knit broken bones, it is that strong. And a calcium deposit that has not hardened sufficiently can be reduced or eliminated by reabsorption stimulation techniques. So, my bet is on this herbal formula, but, I would still recommend seeing your doctor if this were your injury status. I have faith in my Chinese friends who have shown me their cured injuries using this herbal formula, but my faith is mine, your faith is yours to do with as you please.

Typical Recommendations For Treating Bruises

Here are some typical recommendations for treating a bruise. The majority of people “in the know” are going to recommend ice for the first twenty-four hours. Why do they do this? To slow or impede swelling and inflammation. Then, after that initial twenty-four hours, they recommend hot moist compresses, or hot baths. Why? To stimulate blood circulation and the reabsorption process. Hmmm? So if hot water stimulates increased blood circulation, triggering faster reabsorption, why not go right to hot water? Because the people who recommend ice for the first twenty-four hours are afraid of inflammation. So, what happens when you chill the bruise? You keep that pool of blood right there, and it is not reabsorbed at all. Thus, when it was most susceptible to reabsorption, you are chilling it with ice and making sure that it sets in and makes itself right at home. The point of what to do with the bruise for the first twenty-four hours is debated by many, and the reason is as I just pointed out, so I am not going to try to settle that debate here. You pick your side of that fence and hang in there. The remedy I am going to tell you about does not require ice...because the bruise will literally be gone in minutes!

Where I First Saw Bruise Remover

The best example I can give you for having seen this in action was many years ago. A friend of mine who was a star with the Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan was back stage putting a bandage over an injury, and I asked him what the medicine was. Watching his amazingly speedy recovery made an instant believer out of me. Here was the star of the show who had to be ready to perform, and a swollen bruise was not something that could be allowed to prevent him from going back on stage night after night. This began my use of the same herbal liniment. Over the years since then, I have seen it work its magic in more ways than I thought possible. Here are some of the mind-boggling examples.

Photos Of My Friends & Why They Use Bruise Remover

These photos below should give plenty of examples of why my friends use Bruise Remover often. They all do some very amazing acrobatic stunts, including my friend, Chang Tien Chun, who is an action movie star.

Here I am in 1980, posing with my friend, Chang Tien Chun, a movie star in Taiwan.
Here I am in 1980, posing with my friend, Chang Tien Chun, a movie star in Taiwan.
Chang Tien Chun is NOT using any special apparatus.  He can literally jump that high into the air.
Chang Tien Chun is NOT using any special apparatus. He can literally jump that high into the air.
Another example of how high my friend can leap.  He looks like he is levitating.
Another example of how high my friend can leap. He looks like he is levitating.
Posing with my friend, Chang Yu Ching, the star of the show.
Posing with my friend, Chang Yu Ching, the star of the show.
One of the routines that my friend, Chang Yu Ching, performed nightly.
One of the routines that my friend, Chang Yu Ching, performed nightly.
I took this photo from the side of the stage.  Chang Yu Ching is balancing on a tilted chair while at the top of a pagoda of chairs supported at the base by nothing more than the tops of four bottles.  He could go higher, but for the lights.
I took this photo from the side of the stage. Chang Yu Ching is balancing on a tilted chair while at the top of a pagoda of chairs supported at the base by nothing more than the tops of four bottles. He could go higher, but for the lights.

Sharing The Knowledge

A friend of mine had just gotten hit hard by a falling package, right on the inner portion of his thigh. He was wearing shorts, and within minutes, we could see a purple circle the size of a grapefruit. I happened to have my trusty bottle of the liniment, so I showed him how to rub it into the bruise, gently and thoroughly, making sure that the affected area was saturated and soaking with the liniment. Within about five minutes, the bruise was completely gone. I thought nothing of it, since I had become a believer many years before this while travelling with my friends from Taiwan, but about ten years later, I was attending a wedding, and I was told an interesting story. Someone saw me come in and said, “Hey, there’s Doctor Miracle!” I asked them why they called me that, and they said that they had seen me treat my friend that day many years ago, watched as the huge bruise disappeared while they watched in total disbelief, and since they did not have any of this “magic potion” to show their friends, over the years they had simply referred to me as Doctor Miracle when they retold the story of what they had witnessed first-hand. They told me that people to whom they had told the story found it hard to believe, because the “story-tellers” were witnesses without proof. All the while, I had always just taken this ancient Chinese liniment for granted. That got me to thinking about how little the American public knows about this wonderful liniment, and what a shame it was, because of the many uses I have discovered for it over the years. Thus...this article...time to share.

More Uses For Bruise Remover

I knew that this liniment was a very strong blood circulator, and I knew that it had several other incredible properties that I was not taking full advantage of, that is until my grandmother was about to have her legs amputated due to complications from advanced diabetes. I told her that this liniment is a strong blood circulator, and we had nothing to lose if we tried this on her legs. So we did. Guess what? My grandmother never had to undergo that horrible loss. She died many years later and had both of her legs intact when she left this world.

From this experience, I learned that there were more uses for this liniment than just removing bruises. I have had friends use it to remove their arthritis pain. I have had therapist friends use it in their massage clinics. A friend of mine who is a doctor of chiropractic had a college injury in his foot that caused a clicking in his metatarsals. I told him that this liniment would cure that. He literally gave me a very patronizing look, and I didn't think he was even going to use it, such was the patronizing reaction. The funniest thing was when he called me later to tell me, very excitedly, that it had worked. I said, “Well, I told you it would,” and he responded with, “Yeah, but it worked!” I still laugh when I recall that conversation, because what he was essentially saying with that response was this: “I’m a doctor, you’re not, so that “stuff” you gave me should NOT have done anything!” I wasn’t offended. After all, I am not a doctor, but I didn’t invent this liniment. It was in ancient China being used effectively by their doctors long before I started using it.

Another use was brought to my attention. A friend in another state told me that he had been bothered with severe acne on his back for many years, and no remedy that he tried, including internal medicines and drug treatments, would get rid of the acne. He tried rubbing a bottle of the liniment on his back, and he noticed results the very first day. Within three days, the acne was completely gone! Needless to say, he was ecstatic when he called to tell me the results. Another believer joined the congregation.

Two Wonderful Testimonials

Two wonderful testimonials come to mind that convince me of the value of this liniment. One was a Chinese herbalist in Chinatown, New York, who, when he saw the formula that I had in my hand, politely asked if he could copy this formula. Here was the equivalent of a Chinese doctor asking me for this formula. I knew that he would be using it to help others, just as I had been doing since it was taught to me. Naturally, I told him that he was welcome to use the formula. I was honored and happy to be of the little help that I was.

Another was the time I taught a doctor at a major hospital how to make this liniment. Why? Because he was in charge of a diabetic ward where people were brought in on their way to amputation due to diabetic complications, and he wanted to use it to help them the way I had helped save my grandmother. These people, and many more like them, are testimony to the fact that the formula that is in the liniment called Bruise Remover is genuine, effective and unique.

The Herbs

The recipe is thirteen herbs, nine of which are non-poisonous, four of which are considered poisonous (if eaten). The poisonous herbs are the reason the liniment comes with a label that states that the liniment is for external use only. These herbs are:

Da Huang - removes blood stagnation; the powdered herb applied to burns relieves pain and swelling (poisonous).

Ding Xiang - local anaesthetic, promotes circulation (poisonous).

Ru Hsiang - removes pain and swelling by invigorating blood circulation, treatment of pains due to blood stasis.

Mo Yao - relieves pain due to blood stasis, relieves swelling due to blood stasis.

Hung Hua - stimulates blood flow, relieves pain by removing stagnated blood, treatment for painful swelling due to blood stasis.

Hsueh Jin - removes blood stasis, relieves pain, heals traumatic wounds and bleedings.

Tao Ren - promotes circulation (poisonous).

Lung Nao Xiang - reduces edema, alleviates pain, used as an aromatic for the treatment of loss of consciousness (poisonous).

Dang Gwei - invigorates blood circulation.

T’ien Ch’i - prevents blood stasis by breaking up blood clots and stopping internal bleeding.

Pu Huang - promotes circulation, relieves pain by removing blood stasis, the carbonized herb is used as a hemostatic for all kinds of bleeding.

Guang Mu Hsiang - relieves pain, antispasmodic.

Ch’ih Shou - removes stagnated blood, treatment of pain due to blood stasis, treatment of acute inflammation.

Sorting, weighing, mixing, brewing...a long and complicated, but vital, process to a successful liniment.  Two bottles of Bruise Remover can be seen on the left in this photo.
Sorting, weighing, mixing, brewing...a long and complicated, but vital, process to a successful liniment. Two bottles of Bruise Remover can be seen on the left in this photo.

The Recipe For Bruise Remover Is Complete

There are several reasons why this recipe is considered “complete,” that is, why there is no need to add any more herbs to the recipe. First and foremost: the efficacy of an herbal formula in China is not based on how many herbs it has in the recipe, but what those herbs are and how they co-act. There are some people who like to brag about their liniments, saying that their herbal liniment is superior, because it contains twenty or thirty herbs. That is like saying that a cake recipe gets better the more ingredients we cram into it, and any chef knows that such logic is absurd. The same goes for Chinese herbal medicines. What makes a recipe “complete” is when the right herbs are put into a concoction together, just the right ones, just the right amounts, nothing more, nothing less. They balance each other out, tonify the recipe, thus, when we say that a formula is complete, we mean just that. There is no need to have it tampered with by braggarts and foolhardy people with big egos. Trust me, they abound. The first thing they do is challenge you, because you lack their “pedigree,” or you lack their criterion for a liniment, their criterion being an unnecessarily huge list of herbs. They will scream that their liniment is the world’s best, because they have the most ingredients. I am not here to debate anyone. I only know what people have said when they have used this liniment called Bruise Remover—it works!

Keep It Handy

So, back to the liniment. Each of these herbs brings a particular function to the formula. Some of them will reduce swelling and inflammation, thus the reason arthritis sufferers are using it. Some of these herbs will reduce pain, another reason arthritis sufferers are using it, as well as massage therapists. I know of boxers and soccer players who are using it, as well as other athletes, because they end up with a lot of bruises and sprains (yes, it even speeds up recovery from sprains). Here is something important to always keep in mind: you should have Bruise Remover already on hand in advance of getting a bruise. Why? Because, if you get bruised, and you then order some Bruise Remover liniment, by the time it is delivered, your bruise has begun to harden. If you apply the liniment two or three days later, it is going to take hours to remove the bruise. Now, that is still faster than waiting two or three weeks, but, if you had that bottle sitting there when you got the bruise, you would simply do as my Chinese friend did in front of me so many years ago— rub the bruise away in minutes... literally.

Where Can You Get Bruise Remover?

You can obtain this liniment through . It's that simple. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


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      Brian Gray 2 years ago from Pennsylvania


      Thanks for the supportive comment. I hope more people learn the benefits of Bruise Remover.


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      Damian Fedorko 2 years ago

      Brian Gray's liniment is very good for all the bumps and bruises a person receives in training.