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Back Pain After Caesarean

Updated on April 14, 2009

It is a known fact that some women are going to experience back pain after caesarean. One thing that you should know is that there are many back pain remedies that available to help you with any back pain that you might experience! Back pain is honestly one of the worse things in the world to experience for any amount of time and all you want to do is get rid of it.

Back pain after caesarean can be caused by the epidural that was in your spine during the surgery. Back pain after caesarean can also caused by a muscle imbalance -- our abdominals muscles during pregnancy being stretched to their limit and our back muscles being constantly tight to compensate for our weak abdominal muscles. A muscle imbalance such as this can throw out spine and pelvis out of whack, thus causing constant back pain.

The condition of your mattress can make your back pain worse. Think of your bed as the ones described in that quaint story about the "Three Little Bears." Sometimes they are much too soft for your spine. Sometimes they are much too hard for your body to handle. In those cases, you need to start looking for something that is just right instead. Your doctor or even a chiropractor may be able to give you some advice on what kind of mattress you need.

Alternating hot and cold remedies can also be helpful. This is something simple that you can do right in the comfort of your own home. For example, lay on a heating pad for no more than an hour - and usually half an hour will do - and then replace it with an ice pack.

One of the greatest things in the world for back pain as well is going to be hot baths. Just throwing in some epsom salt and soaking in the tub for a while will definitely help you a great deal.

And finally, Pilates is great for back pain after caesarean. Pilates strengthens abdominal muscles while stretching the back muscles. Pilates achieves this with a series of gentle exercises. Thus, making it the perfect solution for back pain after caesarean.


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    • profile image

      grmaryp 2 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your insights and experience on back pain, I am still searching for a reliable solution/way to get rid of this problem but sadly no way I found as of now...

    • profile image

      Jennifer 3 years ago

      Definitely Reformer Pilates,

    • profile image

      Ivan 5 years ago

      My personal experience is, that I get lower back pain when I sit down for a prolonged period of time. It feels like the muscles at the bottom of my spine get tired and sore.

      Conversely, I end up feeling really good when I get up and walk.

      This wasn't always the case. It took me considerable time to correct my posture - so that I can stand and move in an easy and efficient way.

      While building strength, stretching, and trying to stand in a "correct" way do have their merits, they are not sufficient. I needed a way to tap into the intelligence of my body and release unconscious tensions, that were interfering with my posture.

      I feel that I've made considerable improvements. Living in my body has become really pleasant. Here's how I did it: