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Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally - Is It Really Possible?

Updated on April 16, 2014

The question that at some point is on the minds of most women is this: “Can I get rid of cellulite naturally?” Maybe you have tried those expensive creams and lotions. Maybe you have spent a fortune on pampering yourself with costly body wraps, yet still you look in the mirror and there it is, the dreaded cellulite.

For a while you feel better because you sit down with a relaxing drink and start to flick through your favourite celebrity gossip magazine. There they are, the Hollywood A-listers who have cellulite just like you and for a while it makes you feel better about yourself. But that is not going to make you feel better about how you look when you hit the beach for your summer vacation in your bikini.

So, back to the leading question. Can you get rid of cellulite naturally? The answer is a resounding 100% yes, though it will take some time, effort, discipline and planning on your part. Is it going to be worth it? Well those ladies who are cellulite free tell me it’s more than worth it Let’s take a look at what needs to be done to achieve your cellulite free look.

To put it bluntly and straight to the point cellulite is actually fat. The best way to get rid of it is to decrease your body fat percentage through both a sensible healthy eating plan and doing some consistent forms of exercise. Why? Because it really works as a cellulite remover.

We are not talking about dieting and starving yourself but eating several times a day to hold onto your muscle mass (by getting sufficient protein), burn fat (cellulite) and boost your metabolism. Have you ever seen a skinny girl with cellulite? That’s because she has lost weight the wrong way and her body composition can be unhealthy (ie: Lost muscle mass with above average body fat levels)

An eating plan that is low in fat yet includes delicous natural whole foods is perfect for this program. Vegetables, fruits, rice, grains, lean meats and some low fat dairy products are all part of the key to achieving your desired look. The way to making these foods tasty is to add spices and herbs for lots of flavour.

By eliminating the sugary and processed foods (not completely, you can have treats, reward meals and days) and switching to natural ones your body fat and cellulite will gradually disappear. Be patient as this is not an overnight plan but one that takes time and should also become a lifestyle too for the long term.

Exercising 3 – 6 days a week is what’s required to totally zap that “orange peel “look from your thighs and buttocks. Have a focus on both strength training and cardio. The weights/machines workouts will tone/shape your body but also hold onto your muscle for a faster metabolism and easier ideal body weight maintenance. Build your cardio up to interval training sessions of 20 – 30 minutes per go.

You can refer to some of my other HubPages articles for tips on what to eat in more detail and how to best exercise for maximum results.

Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally Conclusion
So let’s recap. Do some research on the foods I mentioned above and also incorporate an exercise routine along with it.Be patient and consistent in both of these areas and you will be free of your cellulite just like the models on the Victoria’s Secrets catwalk. One final tip is to drink lots of water EVERY single day to remove toxins from your system. As toxins build up in your body they show up as cellulite on your bum, hips and thighs. 1 -2 glasses of water with every meal/snack 4 – 6 times a day will get you amazing results.

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