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Get Rid Of Your Lenses And Cure Your Vision Problems Naturally

Updated on October 3, 2011

It is true that when you have common vision problems like near sighted vision or far sighted vision, you use corrective lenses to fix them. But, you must remember that using these lenses does not solve the root of the problem. They just correct the problems you have. The strength of the lenses you may need will keep increasing as you keep using these lenses. This simply means that you are not allowing your eyes to correct their problems on their own. The eyes ultimately lose their ability to correct the problems themselves.

In reality, your eyes have the basic capabilities to correct their problems and you should try to use them. This will help you to even get rid of your lenses. You may not require surgery also to correct your vision problems.

If you learn this, you will unfortunately deprive the ophthalmologists of their income. The health industry may not also like you learning this. That is the reason this concept is very rarely discussed. Especially, frames of glasses and contact lenses cost a fortune and your Optometrist will start hating you if you learn this concept and use it.

The following few tips may be useful to correct your vision problems on your own:

- The first tip is to relax your eyes using your palms. You should rub your palms and warm them up. You can cover your eyes for about five minutes with these warm palms. This technique will relax your eye muscles. This is mainly very effective for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or those who watch more television. This is good for strained eyes also. You can cure headaches and migraines also with this technique.

- In general, our eyes are not meant for having fixed looks that are necessary for reading or viewing a computer screen. We are not supposed to look at something for an extended period of time. This will strain our eyes. Likewise, squinting also causes strain to our eyes. Our eyes should zip around if they have to be healthy. But, in the present age, we can not avoid reading or looking at our computer screen. So, those of us who have to do such types of work should relax and give rest to our eyes once in every 45 minutes. The best relaxing technique is to look at things that are at a distance. When you focus on such distant objects, your eyes will get the required relaxation.

- You should eat more of fiber foods. If you eat processed foods or oily and spicy foods, you are allowing free radicals to enter your body. Free radicals cause a great harm to your health and they may cause vision problems also. But, if you switch to a healthy and nutritious diet that consists more of fiber foods, you will be supplying a lot of vitamins and minerals to your system. This will improve your vision also. Likewise, physical exercises are also good for eye sight. When you do your regular exercises, your blood circulation will improve. All the parts of your body including your eyes will get an increased supply of blood. This will ultimately solve your vision problems also. So, you should give importance to physical exercises as you give for eye exercises.

It was Dr. William H. Bates who showed to us in 1880 that with exercises and relaxation techniques, people of any age can correct their vision problems. These exercises and techniques have stood the test of time and they are still being used effectively for having a good eyesight.


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    • KamReHi profile image

      KamReHi 6 years ago from Deep South Texas

      This comes in real handy for me, I have been in corrective lenses since I was 9. Will definately have to try these tips!