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How to Lose 2 Pounds in a Week! Easy Peazy!

Updated on December 7, 2017
Clement Anthony profile image

Clement Anthony, 23, Graduated as BA (Hons) in Marketing, University of Greenwich, UK. Marketing Executive. Nice to meet you all!

Are you ready? Right! Let's do this!

First and foremost, a little bit of background about myself on writing this article is because I was one of you whom was looking for ways and all kinds of tips on losing weight FAST! Please read that highlighted word again, FAST! Why am I emphasizing the word FAST? because that's what all those who are aiming to lose weight and get in shape will tend to look for in the first place, same as I did like all of you who are reading this. Please don't ever read all those bullshit stories or articles that says (Lose 10 pounds a week) or (20 pounds in 2 week) all total craps! Please think and be more realistic. So I'm here to help you all out!

Guys, to be honest with you all, I've been telling to everyone in my family and friends about losing my weight for past 7 years! and what else, everyone keeps mocking me because it was my stupid a$$ fault for telling it out to everyone and didn't do $hit till one day, which was 29th of August 2017, I decided to get on with it and prove everyone that I'm gonna show you now!

Trust me or not guys, I weighed 107 kg (236 pounds) during early August 2017, and now? I weighed myself yesterday, I'm 91 kg (200 pounds) baby! I know what you'll thinking now, "f**k this crap which he's telling, there's no proof or anything, why should I read this!" I agree guys, no worries, I'll include my photos with proof of the captured dates as well.

Now for those who've been waiting for the tips and steps on how to get rid of 2 pounds in a week for real! It's about to start, so adjust your chair, open your eyes wide and start taking notes.

Tips & Steps

  1. It's time for you to say bye to carbonated drinks, example (Coke, Pepsi, Red bull and etc.) Why? because all of those contains too much sugar! So you have to give up on sugar. Take your time for a week by reducing it first day by day, don't just stop! if you can, then it's great! Cut down the SUGAR! so now please welcome your new best friend who's gonna walk and work with you to lose weight and fats too! WATER! Mineral Water! H20! Plain tasty and juicy water! that't right, nothing else but just water. Drink around 2.5 liters to 3 liters per day. (Don't you ever drink all up within a minute or an hour! Never do that!) just drink normally but make sure it's up to 2.5 liters minimum per day.
  2. Drink black coffee without sugar every morning, can be after or before breakfast. Maybe you might need some info on benefits of drinking black coffee, so read this, 10 benefits of Black Coffee for Weight Loss. It doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold, just drink a cup every morning. It will help you to burn calories 2x more during workout.
  3. I did mentioned about workout didn't I? so yeah, you need to do some workout and no worries, you can do it at home. You need to get yourself a jumping rope if don't you have one. I do it everyday for 30 minutes (you don't have to do it continuously, stop and do - repeat, just make sure you spend 30 minutes with it) you'll see the amount of heat and sweat coming out from your body. Yes? what happens if you do jumping rope right? read this my dear brothers and sisters, How Much Weight Can I Lose Jumping Rope Daily? So, you don't have to think about going for a jog or running to lose weight, because even I had the determination to run or jog, but I noticed that, it seriously bores me to the max and sucks as well. As for jumping rope, it's easy, saves time rather than jogging or running for an hour, you can do it anywhere and bring it with you to every places you go.
  4. After doing jumping rope for 30 minutes, now you go for the exercise which gonna burn off those fats which you've loosen it from jumping rope, PLANK! You just need to do for 30 seconds per set (Recommended 5 sets) as for beginner, go on with 3 sets first, step by step my friends, don't rush. For the plank, do the (Elbow Plank) for beginner. Once you've mastered, do (Side Plank) for 30 seconds - 5 sets as well. For those who wants to get rid of those fatty love handles, side plank will totally help you with it.
  5. If you want to do more! then add on Push-Ups together just for some extra workout. For beginners who never did push-ups before, do 5 reps - 3 sets for beginning, keep increasing when you get use to it. Best would be 10 - 15 reps, 5 sets.
  6. Now let's do something with weight a bit. You only need something heavy around (5 kg - 10 kg), if you have dumbbells at home, then it's gonna be easy for you. For those who doesn't have dumbbells at home, just grab something heavy which you can hold with one hand, you just need to do this workout for your love handles (Dumbbell side-bend) do for both sides around 15 reps - 5 sets. This workout can be done if you want to put some extra effort on you, don't have to force yourself. Plank and jumping rope is way good enough to see the difference within a week by weighing yourself.
  7. Now! We gonna look into the saddest part of all above, FOOD! Remember you thrive to lose 2 pounds in a week! so you do have to cut down your calories intake from now on and stick to more protein food which I'll be telling you what I eat everyday for a week. Breakfast! - (2 boiled eggs or scrambled egg with olive oil or wholemeal bread with egg) I know you might ask whether can you add some sauce or anything to your eggs and wholemeal bread, please don't add anything. For the wholemeal bread with egg, you can take a teaspoon of chili sauce or ketchup and spread on it. Drink for breakfast? Black coffee without sugar! Now let's talk about lunch, my meal for lunch is (Chicken breast with spinach or broccoli) so how you wanna cook it? it's easy, you only need some chopped onion, 1 or 2 garlic chopped and lemon. TADAAA!!! add a bit salt if you want to, but I would suggest that it would be best if you only add black pepper. You can marinate the chicken breast in all the listed items overnight or you can just add in the pan on the spot - your call. Pour some olive oil or canola oil into the pan, drop in the chicken breast, when the chicken is almost cooked, add in the spinach or broccoli in the pan as well, stir it and take it off. That's it for your lunch! and yeah for sauce or anything? do the same as breakfast - one teaspoon of chili sauce or ketchup (best if you don't add any sauce). Guys, just do the same as I said, don't add any other food into your plate, all these are good enough for breakfast and lunch.
  8. Let's go for dinner now! Dinner OHH Dinner!! the main reason of gaining weight and losing weight as well. So for dinner, remember the wholemeal bread? Yeah, just grab one slice and spread some peanut butter with it (Don't you dare spread or soak your wholemeal bread with so much of peanut better) just a bit for flavoring is enough. That's for dinner!! You might think, isn't peanut butter bad for weight lose and contains so much fats! Yes it contains fats but no it's not bad fats but it's healthy fats. Just remember what I said, just a bit for flavoring on your wholemeal bread! Drink? Water all the way! Read this info my friends for clear picture (Peanut Butter for Weight Lose).
  9. So that's it my brothers and sisters! Try this out and see yourself losing 2 pounds a week. I would prefer if you use digital weighing machine so that you can see the accurate weight differences within a week.
  10. Last but not least guys! Please please oh please, follow accurately whatever I've listed here, don't eat or drink anything other than listed here in my article. I just want you to have a great head-start and to lose weight so that you can continue and improvise later on after seeing the result by yourself. Good luck guys! Don't give up! You can do it! We can do it!
  11. I almost forgot! Guys, please have a good sleep (6-8 hours every night). It will help your body to burn out and do all the process since you're body needs rest after your workout and diet. Read this info guys, just for better understanding (Why Sleep is Important for Weight Loss)

Me, Myself and the result for 3 months of doing the same!

The dates are real. I'm not kidding, I just want all those who wants to lose weight to achieve as well!
The dates are real. I'm not kidding, I just want all those who wants to lose weight to achieve as well! | Source

Never aim for the best when you want to, aim to improve so that you can achieve the best when you need to .

— Clement Anthony

Extra Supporting References

Stop Talking & Start Doing Already!

Why I Didn't Quit Even When I Couldn't See The Result As I Expected!

To be honest with you guys, after starting earlier around August 2017, I weighed myself after a month and you know what, I was in the same F*Cking weight! How sad is that! But the best part is, most of them whom are surrounded by me kept saying that I look different from those days, and even my waist size reduced. Then I realized, I've just woken it up! Now I'm gonna chase it and hunt it down. I didn't stop, I didn't quit and I didn't listen to anyone but myself! So you do that as well! F*ck those who gives negative comments or doesn't support you, just tap the dust off your feet and DO IT!

My biggest motivation was my failure in love life. That's when I decided to change myself and become a greater me! You can do it and I know you will! Get on your feet and do till you don't feel satisfied at all! GO !

Prove It To Yourself First Before You Prove To Others!

No More Reasons!

© 2017 Clement Anthony


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