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Get Rid of Acid Reflux and IBS once and for all time!

Updated on August 5, 2012
A purification such as this may relieve your problems indefinitely!
A purification such as this may relieve your problems indefinitely! | Source

Stomach feel like it has a basketball in it? Diarrhea? Cramps that will take you down to your knees? Sprinting at top speed to the bathroom? Never know when it will hit so you stay at home? This articles for you!

Some years back, I got very sick with bronchitis and was put on Penicillin; this was my first clue that I had now become allergic to Penicillin. Once this allergic reaction was under control I was put on another antibiotic and then another. By the time I was finished with this ailment I could no longer eat normal foods without getting horrid bloating and gas in my stomach! What I could eat: mashed potatoes, macaroni cheese, deli turkey, some breads and I believe scrambled eggs narrowed my diet down to those few items. When I tried to eat anything out of that realm, my stomach etc. went crazy! I started with the M.D. he put me through test after test, upper GI, lower GI you name it. "All your tests are normal! Let us just put you on Omeprazole (not over the counter at that time). It helped a little but I could still not eat a hamburger, pizza or anything other than the usual. This went on for eight long months! I lost 30 pounds and felt awful because even eating few items day after day I still would have issues with bouts of cramps, diarrhea and gas.

It was around this time that I took a trip up to Ohio where I am from I was living in the south at the time and went to a Chiropractor that I had gone to prior and one I would occasionally see if I was having a problem. I told him my story he gave me a list of things and problems to go through and check off. The diagnosis? Leaky Gut. Some might call it Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Its causes are many and in my case, it was antibiotic overload. Leaky Gut Symptoms are generally the following: Abdominal bloating, excessive gas and cramps, fatigue, food sensitivities, joint pain, skin rashes, and autoimmunity. The information behind this is that the bacteria in your small intestines is killed off by various things we take in such as antibiotics which are of course helpful when we are ill but do damage to our digestion track. It was described to me this way: The bacteria are hairlike and when yours are damaged when the food enters the duodendom and into the small intestines its job is to chop finely the food coming through, but when damaged the food does not get finely chopped and is rejected because it cannot continue through the intestines and is thrown back into the stomach causing bloating, gas, indigestion and various other symptoms. Acidophilus also another term probiotics help to repair the bacteria so it can again process the food leaving the stomach.

There are many that say eat yogurt and this is a good choice however eating plain Dannon yogurt is best because you do not want to have sugar, as this will void the positive. Acidophilus cold from a refrigerator is best. There are shelf stable types at some organic health food stores. I personally have found that 12 Billion Flora Smart helps me and is shelf stable meaning no need for refrigeration. However, at the time that I was originally ill I needed a bit more help so, I went through a detox program that costs around 165.00 at that time. A program from which is only available through a nutritional or chiropractic doctor. It is about a three-week program generally and it has a diet that goes with it. Due to this program in two days time, I was again able to eat a hamburger again! Everytime I begin to have issues I get some Flora smart and start taking it one per day. My symptoms generally go away within a few days if not the same day.

Healthy Food Recipies and My health Center with an array of topics:

So in closing, stop suffering! Do not be afraid to look up a nutritional doctor or chiropractor that gives nutritional help you may find it was the best decision you ever made! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Shelf stable probiotics (no refrigeration needed)
Shelf stable probiotics (no refrigeration needed) | Source


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