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The Anti-Wrinkle Diet

Updated on January 11, 2017

Start with a body detox

Beautiful skin can only be achieved if you take good care of your body. Your internal well-being will reflect on the outside as well. Your skin is the mirror of your internal health. It is best to start with a gently body detox. A body detox will eliminate toxins that have been trapped for ages. That build-up which can be found anywhere, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, veins, arteries, intestines, etc limits nutrition absorption. Trapped toxins can cause all kinds of problems from minor aches and pains to fatigue, just to name a few. Cleansing the body doesn't mean starving.

There are many different ways you can do a body detox. A gentle body detox that allows your body to adapt to the new eating habits slowly will usually show greater long-term effects. Fast cleanses that starve your body usually cause more stress. More stress also means more toxins again.

Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water and consider nutritional supplements. Mineral supplements are a must during a cleanse so the body doesn't use its own mineral deposits for the process of eliminating acidic waste. Anytime your body lacks vitamins and minerals, has trapped toxins and build-up, not only does your internal health suffer, but so does your skin.

The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet is not a diet to lose weight. Its a diet that slowly gets you used to healthier eating habits that slows down toxin and build-up accumulation and that removes existing build-up very slowly and gradually.

When we talk of the Alkaline Diet we consider filling our plate with approximately 70% alkaline foods and no more than 30% acidic foods. You can get a list of the two categories here.

Drinking plenty of water is essential. Avoiding or limiting sugar, flour, coffee and alcohol your best choice. Reduce your meat intake as well. Most Western diets consist of a big plate of pasta and a small salad or a big piece of meat, a potato and very little vegetables. When in fact you should have a big salad and only a small dish of pasta. Or just a small piece of meat but in stead adding more potatoes and vegetables.

When you commit to changing your eating habits and add a healthy supplement or superfood you will not only feel healthier but your skin will rejuvenate as well.


Keep chemical-enhanced lotions and creams off your face. Instead cleanse your face and give it a quick facial by using only pure and organic plain yoghurt. After rinsing it off with warm water, you can put some aloe vera gel onto your face. You may also add a drop of honey into your aloe vera gel. One word of caution: If it is very cold outside don't apply aloe vera gel. Its very moisturizing and the gel can form tiny crystals which could cause freezer burns.

Cookbooks that help you create yummy meals

Changing your eating habits also means that you have to adjust your cooking a bit. That sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. Some of us might say that the alkaline way of eating is boring. It doesn't have to be that way though. There are a few good cookbooks out there that will teach you about different recipes to break up the so-called monotony. Or you can search the internet for recipes.


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