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Get Set And Loose Fat

Updated on March 18, 2016

Are you sick of doing one activity so that you can burn those chubby muscles? Looking for other ways to get back in shape? Having fit and slim body is a dream of everyone. Every boy wants to show his muscles or abs to showcase his well-maintained physique. Be a neophyte or professional fitness trainer, spending hours in the gym or exercising to sweat out those extra calories is not that easy when mouthwatering food is waiting for you in the outside. Putting an end to those delicacies can't help you to lose those extra kilos. You need to do a rigorous workout if you really want to get in shape.

If you still believe that by starving yourself or dieting will get back you in shape, then you are absolutely wrong. Even dieting has its side effects, either you will lose and look like a dull-faced person or you will gain extra weight. If you really want to lose but find exercising or going to gym boring then hit the dancing class, do swimming, or play outdoor games like football, basketball, tennis or any other game. These will not only recreate you but will also make you happy. Just grab that racquet or kick that ball all you need is to have is strong will power and determination to reach you fitness goal. Don't limit yourself to the gym, go beyond the boundaries, do trekking or hiking, run for fun and play games that have fun or run together. Doing this will burn those stubborn calories and you can get the slim figure,

Remember your childhood and the games you used to play with your friends. Relive that moment and get out of your bed and start playing with the people around you or with friends. Because there is a child living inside everybody's heart. Bring out that child and make your life full of happiness. Leave you stress behind and start playing. This is the best way to get physically and mentally fit. Never starve yourself, instead eat whatever you want to eat but once in a week. Get back your body in shape rather than making it zero size, have a physique that shows who you are. Motivate yourself every day and achieve the ladder of fitness. It's time to go out and do some fun stuff. Never limit your fitness routine, run play, dance, swim do whatever you like. Keep of changing your fitness routine and keep yourself alive by doing different things. Learn more and gain less, shake your body, do the fun. Don't forget Health is wealth, and without good health, there is no fun in life. Keep happy stay healthy.


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    • Pujagusain profile image

      Puja Gusain 22 months ago from India

      I will surely give further ways to loose fat.

    • profile image

      aarti 22 months ago

      Thanks for the information looking forward for more information

    • profile image

      vicky7878 22 months ago

      Nice thoughts and advice by the author. Very good for working professionals. Fond of this author. Please share more articles on how to not feel sleepy while working!!!

    • profile image

      Abhishek Rampal 22 months ago

      Work Hard Sore Muscles..Go Beyond Your Imaginations Because Limitations Are Only In Our Minds When You Go Beyond Your Imaginations You Become Limitless..... :)

    • profile image

      Sukhwinder Mehmi 22 months ago

      No pain No gain :) good thought Ma'am

    • profile image

      gourav ahuja 22 months ago

      Great information for beginners

    • profile image

      nitika bhatia 22 months ago

      I am going to follow your way, hope to see your next post again

    • profile image

      aakriti 22 months ago

      great............looking ahead for next

    • AlluriMaahiSharma profile image

      Pratibha 22 months ago from Chandigarh

      Thank u so much for this article. Hope this will help me. :-)