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Effective Butt and Thigh Toning Workout

Updated on December 16, 2013
The classic but highly effective 'squat.'
The classic but highly effective 'squat.'

Butt and Thigh Workouts that Work

Have you searched high and low for a workout that will help tone that butt and thigh effectively? The good news is that it is possible.The bad news is that you have to work hard and do it regularly to get great results. The effective exercises listed below are known to make your behind cuter and rounder than you could imagine,so don't be surprised.

Do these simple butt and thigh exercises to target muscles in your butt, thigh and yes, including legs and get a toned and sexier body in no time. These are quick and easy moves, and the equipment you will need is from nothing to minimal weights such as dumb bells. The exercises are so simple that it can be done anywhere, literally.

The important factor in getting results is commitment to stick out with a regular plan and routine which will take about 30 minutes four times a week. For best results, try these movements in front of a full-length mirror with a great workout music mix in the background to pump you up in doing repetitions.

Butt and Thigh Exercise No. 1

Standing back kick. Find something to hold on as a means of support your weight such a wall or a sturdy chair. While keeping you back straight, hold on to that wall or chair with both hands, and execute a kicking motion with the leg in the direction of your butt.

Do this 30-50 times on each leg. Expect to feel the glute muscles to contract. (Note: You know that you are working the right muscle group when you feel those butt (glute) muscles contracting each kick done.)


Expect those butt and thighs muscles to get toned and defined. Get moving and do it regularly and more. Don't worry, this standing kick move can be done even when one is:

  • in the office, when no one is looking, otherwise you'll need to explain yourself
  • in the water cooler, when no one is around
  • during your coffee break
  • lining up to get cash at the ATM
  • lining up to ring your groceries

No. 2 Squats are your butt and thighs best friend

The Squat. You know how to do this and no need to explain really. Others call it the Sumo Squat! Indeed squats are hard when you're on the heavy side. To make it easy, think of it like you are playing a game.

How to do it. Make sure to keep your back straight, then stick your butt out a little. Next, lower it down, the lower the better. You better stay balanced because you don't want to fall over and hit anything. Make 5 sets of 20 repetitions in the first few days, and go higher as you get the hang of it. I'm sure you will get addicted once you feel those butt muscles getting worked, and you will be doing it anywhere you can.

Results: You get to work out your butt muscles a.k.a. glutes, the thigh and leg muscles all at the same time. As a bonus, your hip gets some workout too.

No. 3 Stick it up in the air

The 'Stick That Butt in the Air' move. This time you need to lie on your back, with your knees folded in a 45 degree angle, feet flat on the floor, then start to get that butt up in the air and squeezing the glutes in the process, hold it for a second or two, then lower it down. If you can make 20 repetitions, well and good, do 5 sets, with 1 minute breaks in between to catch your breathe. If not, you start with lesser numbers of repetitions.

Results: This move really crunches the butt muscles. The glutes get a total workout that one could almost hear them screaming and cramping at the same time. Don't stop because it is normal to feel those cramps, a sign that the muscles got worked.

Start with minimum 20 repetitions for each of the routines, then gradually increase to 50, then 100 reps for each session. Nobody is really stopping you if you do this routines once, twice, or even more each day. It depends on how hard you want that toned behind or how soon you got a need to slink in that black cocktail dress for an important event.

For full effect, make sure to put on nice music like 'Move, Shake and Drop' song by Pitbull on your speakers or headphones and you'll get that adrenaline pumping in no time.

Now what happens if you've got a toned butt and shaped thigh...

Nothing really.

Kidding aside, one, you'll look nicer and shapely in jeans, shorts or even a skirt. And If you love hitting the beach in a nice bikini, then you will definitely notice the difference in your backside and thighs soon.

No matter how small your behind is, if it is nicely buff and toned, it will look good and you would be more confident to strut your stuff. If you've got big and fat buttocks already, working it out will make it toned as well. Coupled with other exercises to lose fat, you could be looking forward to a toned behind in no time. It takes work yes, but all the good things in life do. So get that butt and thigh moving and try this exercise for yourself, right now!


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 6 years ago from Philippines

      @kelleyward, thanks!

      Cellulite -- I think we have to accept that it is part of every person's body, fat or thin, everyone has it. Some are more pronounced due to overweight, and it never goes away. And you are right, no amount of exercise, will take it off, however, it may minimize it. Instead of not liking it, some experts advice we accept cellulite and not think much about it. Have a great day!

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 6 years ago from Philippines

      @kaitlincolee, thanks! True,sometimes we are just too lazy and find all excuses but if we really want to tighten those behinds, it can be done. Thanks again!

    • profile image

      kelleyward 6 years ago

      Thanks for the exercises. How about cellulite? How do I get rid of it? I work out daily, eat healthy, exercise, lift weights, and still have cellulite. What gives??

    • kaitlincolee profile image

      kaitlincolee 6 years ago

      Useful article! This goes to show that there is really no excuse to skip exercise just because we do not have time to hit the gym. Thanks for the great share!

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi workoutdvdworld! The butt is composed mostly of muscles, and that's good news because a lot of things can be done to define and make it firm/rounder, these exercises are just one of them. Adding ankle weights is also a great idea, I started adding some weights to increase the resistance when I do the squats (with a 5-lbs dumbbell) by holding it both hands and raising it in front as i get down for the squats. Also, increasing the frequency or reps could give good results the soonest. Thanks!

    • workoutdvdworld profile image

      workoutdvdworld 6 years ago from Perth

      If my butt is going to look anything like the pic I'll definitely start doing these exercises! I love using ankle weights to increase the intensity when I do leg and butt exercises. The stability ball is also great for toning the butt.

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hello Injured lamb! It is better late than never, doing these daily would give you noticeable results in a month. Really simple, but works! Thanks for reading!

    • Injured lamb profile image

      Injured lamb 6 years ago

      Thanks gmmurgirl, you reminded me to go back to these great exercises...

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi musclequest! Thanks a lot. I know this works, coz I do it myself and see positive results.

    • musclequest profile image

      musclequest 6 years ago from Johannesburg,South Africa

      funny and useful article...