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Get Under the Coveted 10% Body Fat Mark

Updated on December 6, 2013

10% Body Fat


Getting under 10% body fat is NOT easy! It will take hard work, dedication, time and will power. The end result will be a body that will look similar to a sculpted Greek God statue. Please note this article is directed towards in shape men who have already achieved a body fate percent of 14 to 17.

When trying to drop your body fat under 10% you must focus in two things 1. diet and 2. exercise (the most important of the two being diet).


When getting below the 10% body fat mark it is essential to eat lots of lean protein, vegetables and fruits. Good sources of lean protein include chicken breast, tuna, low sodium beef jerky, shrimp, cottage cheese, nuts, lean red meats, low fat yogurt, eggs and whey protein powder. You should get try to get 1 gram of protein per day for every pound you weigh. So if you weight 150 pounds try to eat 150 grams of protein a day. It is recommended you eat 3 main meals a day and 2 snacks in between the main meals. Your main meals should consist of 30 grams of protein and a vegetable. So for example a great diner would consist of a lean flank steak with a side of broccoli. Your snacks should be smaller but still contain protein. A good snack might be a bowl of low fat yogurt with a banana or beef jerky. Stick with vegetables that are green and fruits that tend to be lower in sugar.

A secret weapon you might want to add to your routine is the meat and nut breakfast. We won't go into great details on this subject (see my Hub entitled the Meat and Nut breakfast for more details) but this is truly the breakfast of champions when trying to cut fat.

It is ideal to get most of your carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit but it is OK to slip in whole wheat past or brown rice when needed. You should NEVER consume any bad carbohydrates like refined “white” grains or anything with added sugars. If you want an easy way to think about it just stick to fresh fruits, vegetables, whole wheat pasta and brown rice when eating carbohydrates.

Also limit your eating before bed. Try to eat your last meal of the day 2 hours before bedtime.

Here is an example of a perfect eating day to achieve 10% body fat or less:

  • breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites and a 1/3 cup of cashew nuts
  • morning snack: banana
  • lunch: turkey breast with brown rice and a sweet potato
  • mid day snack: a scope of whey protein powder mixed in 2% milk
  • diner: grilled flank steak, sweet potato and yogurt for desert

You should also drink 1 to 3 liters of water a day. Please note that coffee and tea do not count as water intake.


Working out is also a big part in getting less than 10% body fat but not as essential as diet. You should work out with weights 4 days a week for about 30 minutes a day. You can do cardio on your non lifting days if you want but it is not needed as long as you follow a lean diet strategy. So for example you could work your chest, biceps and triceps on Monday and Thursdays and then your back, shoulders and legs on Tuesdays and Fridays. When lifting perform low sets for maximum fat loss. Your should being doing 3 sets consisting of 8 reps.

You should join a gym rather than work out at your home. First a gym will get you out of the house and second a gym is full of beautiful women that will encourage you to keep going!

Measuring Body Fat

To finish it is essential to purchase a device that will ACCURATELY measure your body fat. Simply perform a search engine search for the term "body fat scale reviews" and spend 30 minutes on-line finding a well reviewed scale. Many scales cost under $100. Weighing yourself once a week should be about right. Pick the same day of the week and measure your body fat twice that day. Measure your body fat once right when you wake up and then once in the evening before your last meal. Track your progress week to week and one day you will make it under the 10% body fat holy grail.

Body Fat

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    • William Ziegler profile image

      William Ziegler 4 years ago from Erie, Pennsylvania

      Great tip, example of a perfect eating day .