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Get Up Off That Thang

Updated on July 28, 2012

Don't just stand there! Get up and move. Stop Slouching! Work on that posture.

Are you one of those people who will watch workouts on T.V.? Are you one of those people who watch workouts while you sit on your couch eating nachos or popcorn? Lets get up and burn some calories. Stop saying you will go workout tomorrow, or you would go for a jog but it looks like its going to start raining. Do something.

When it comes to exercising we have a hundred and ten reasons not to but only two reasons to exercise. Therefore not doing it wins. When it comes to your health exercising and eating healthy is important. Lets take deep breath and think about this for a second. Because its raining we cannot exercise right?

Wrong. Get your butt up and come up with a routine for indoors as well as outdoors. Start by doing pushups and a few stretches. Jog, or jump rope in place. Do some squats and sit-ups. Work off the extra calories you been consuming when no one is looking.

No one can care more about your overall health the way you should. So start caring.


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