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Get a Better Return on Your Leisure Time

Updated on September 3, 2011
A Good Return on Your Leisure Time
A Good Return on Your Leisure Time | Source

In business there are often competing opportunities to invest money. Those investment options chosen are usually selected on the basis of forecasted ROI (Return on Investment). In life, we have multiple choices on how to spend our leisure time. It can be useful to consider our leisure options on the basis of a rough ROI for each.

Behavior Change is Needed

Most leisure time should be carefully planned in order to maximize the benefits you derive from it. Just plopping down in front of a TV and snacking away is not only not maximizing benefits, it’s actually sabotaging your health and life. So a tremendous ROI could be gained from a drastic reduction in your TV time. Changing behavior is a matter of replacing old bad habits with new good ones. But it’s not easy!

Overcome TV Addiction

Everyone needs time to relax, unwind and recharge their batteries. Such time has a good ROI because it favorably impacts health, energy and productivity. But relaxing time shouldn’t be simply TV time because TV is too addictive and can do more harm than good. Relaxing with a good book, pleasant music, or taking a refreshing nap are all better choices than TV. It’s just that TV is so easy to do, which is one of the problems in modern life. We need to stop taking the easy path and really think about how to use our precious time more productively.

Make Better Choices for Your Leisure Time

Some high ROI leisure choices would be exercising to get fitter and healthier, studying to learn something new or to enhance a skill, playing games with family to create and enhance those precious bonds, having useful and fun conversations with family or friends. All these leisure activities are far more fulfilling than watching TV and eating ourselves fat.

Getting the Most Out of Leisure Time Requires Thought and Planning

Put a plan together for yourself and your family with a goal of better utilizing your leisure time. Include a mix of games, learning activities, free time to relax, structured exercise, and good conversations. You not only won’t miss TV much, you’ll want to watch even less of it when you learn how to take advantage of the many better things that life has to offer.

Leisure time and how we use it defines who we are in many respects. You can really get more out of life by planning and leading your family and friends in more productive uses of leisure time.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Really good stuff. It's an interesting endeavor to examine definitions, including those of ourselves. :)