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How To Get a Thigh Gap

Updated on March 30, 2015

Eating Right!

Your body is like a machine, as much as you tune it, it won't work perfectly until you give it the right fuel.

If you're an active person and you still have trouble slimming down, you might want to think about changing the way you eat. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to make HUGE lifestyle changes. You don't even have to go on an actual diet! Most get confused that a diet is completely cutting something out or slimming it to extreme proportions. All that is really needed to eat healthier is a couple things.

1. Check Your Eating Habits.

You never know how well you eat or don't eat unless you check. There are several ways to do this. Keeping a food diary is one way. All you need is a journal, a pen, and a persistent and positive attitude.

One other way to do this without having to think too much, is by making an account on a website that tracks your food habits while calculating your nutrients and lets you know what you need more or less of. I found a good website that I even use, called Supertracker, that tells about the amount of each food group you have and about the nutrients of each item and your whole day as a whole.

2. Swap and Cut

Find what foods you consume the most and do the most harm to your body and are holding you back. Take those foods and cut back on those foods or swap them with a healthier alternative. Several alternatives both at restaurants and at home eating meals.

3. Add What You Lack

Finally, to complete your healthy way of living, add what you lack. Many people who try to diet do not get the amounts of food groups they need daily.


One of the steps in getting a thigh gap is persistent exercises. Here I will explore a few of them for you to try.

1. With an exercise/Stability Ball.

Those big, inflatable balls are fun, yet helpful with slimming down thighs. A few exercises and instructions are down below. This specific exercise I listed below is called a ball leg lift.


(click on the source link and go to #1 to find the full instructions for this)

Lie on your side and place the stability/exercise ball between your legs. Lift the ball up using our legs and hips. Then lift the ball back down.

Repeat until you can feel a burn, then push yourself to do 5 more. Feeling sore is only a good sign that you are really exercising and pushing yourself past your limits and really doing better for your body.

Many more stability ball and yoga ball exercises to cut down on thigh fat can be found online just by searching on the internet for them. Just be careful to make sure to do exercise mostly if you have to lose thigh fat instead of muscle.

2. By Yourself (without "tools")

Scouring among the internet I have found many different exercises that slim down inner thighs in order to create a thigh gap. I found too many to even list. All you need is to Google search tips like "exercises to get a thigh gap" or "exercises to slim inner thighs". Searching tips up will give you good ideas whether it's pictures, web tutorials, or YouTube videos by other people.

3. Any Exercise

In reality, any exercises designed for thighs can be used to tone and slim thighs. But BEWARE if you have muscular thighs you are looking to slim down, you might want to avoid thigh strengthening exercises such as squats or wall sits.


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