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Get bigger arms

Updated on October 5, 2017
Double bicep pose
Double bicep pose

Getting Bigger Arms

Every boy dreams of one day having big arms, we dream that we will one day be macho man. Arms are the first thing any guy works out the first time they hit the gym, often times our technique and approach is incorrect but we do the curls first and think that having big arms will make us look all strong and buff.

The Right Way to Build Arms

We are not entirely incorrect when we assume having big arms makes us buff and is a sign of some sort of masculinity (although some feminine and homosexual individuals have muscle too). If you want the whole image of being buff, muscular and strong you need more than just arms, you need a complete physique. Since we are talking about building big arms here, I shall tell you what you need to do to grow your arms.

  1. You need to have a workout plan and day that is only for growing your arms, with routines that target different parts of your arms
  2. To get big arms it's not just about working biceps, it is about working out triceps as well, triceps are actually bigger than your biceps so if you workout your triceps properly you are guaranteed to get big arms.
  3. Proper diet is necessary to grow muscles - You need to eat a lot of protein daily, whether you eat more or get protein powders such as whey protein is up to you.
  4. You need to get enough rest - sleep more than 7 hours daily, relax, and do not over train so your body functions at its fullest capacity and you build and recover quickly.

arms from side
arms from side

Set Up Your Arm Workout to Give You Results

The goal is to always challenge yourself, so start of with a weight that is not too heavy for you, but that weight must not be so light that you can do many reps without struggle. The key is to do the exercise with proper form so that you get the results you want. Set targets for yourself like in terms of the weight you will be curling for example, increase it every now and then so that your arms do not get used to it.

With enough rest in between arm workouts you will notice you get stronger and can lift more with the correct form. Play around with rep ranges and see what works best for you. By this I mean do 4 sets of heavy 6-8reps, then maybe at some other stage try 3 sets of 10 reps and then try a pyramid system where you increase the weight as you decrease the reps for 4 sets.

The key is always challenging your muscles and never getting used to a workout by changing things up. If you constantly surprise your muscles and provide enough stimulation and nutrition they will grow.

Final note

Be consistent, if you put in the effort the results will come and you will get the look you want. It is hard at first but as soon as you start seeing results it will all be worth at and you will be glad you put so much effort in. In fact you will appreciate your body more and start watch what you eat and drink.


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