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Get kids fitter, healthier and have fun at the same time

Updated on October 5, 2010

To get Children to be more active can have its challenges. The amount of technology in family homes, at present, it can be too easy to forget that kids need to exercise. With Games consoles and well over 100 T.V. channels available to most homes, they often find it difficult to find time to exercise.

If you said to your Children to get out and get some exercise, they would look at you as if you had lost your mind. Exercising, doesn't just mean going on a cycle ride or running. Exercise is any activity that gets children active, climbing, jumping, crawling, running, playing, kicking or throwing a ball, the list is endless.

How do you get your child to take part in these activities? You are the best role model for any child, if you sit in front of the T.V. all day the chances are they will follow in your footsteps. If you are active, again, the chances are they will follow. The activity needs to be fun and never a chore.

When you are in the garden why not ask your child to help, or have a kick about with a football or Throw a Cricket ball to each other. We invested in a Trampoline which cost around £250 but, has lasted 8 years so far. Not bad value for money in my book. The kids love it and so do the adults. When we throw a party, you would be surprised at the amount of adults wanting to have a go. This Christmas we are going to get a Basketball stand.

If you play sport, it will always be easier to ENCOURAGE your child to take part. I say encourage as opposed to force. To many failed sportsmen and women try to get their children, to achieve a level at sport, way beyond their ability. This will often be a negative step and potentially lead to the child giving up, sending them back to the consoles.

My son and daughter both wanted to go to the Golf driving range one day whilst with my Mother. She decided to take them and they all borrowed some clubs and hit a couple of buckets of balls between them. They all loved it and had fun, my 74 year old Mother has now started going regularly, taking my children whenever she can.

There are many different sports and hobbies that are free to try, at first. Give them a go. Many clubs are actively looking for new members and often have kit available to use. You never know, your children may even have fun. It will also help with their social skills and one added get to meet new people to. Most of our friends are families that we have met through our children's sports and hobbies.

Just remember that it needs to be FUN.


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