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Get rid of Belly Fat, Potbelly with Tea extract and Juice

Updated on October 22, 2014

Belly Fat

It is not out of place to see middle age people especially those that are obese with large rounded protruding bellies, the trend ever more so with men . Sometimes women over forty nine who have gone through the rigors of labor might suffer the condition.

Central obesity apart from looking unsightly has many health related complications that could have been avoided with proper diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. When a person accumulate very high amount of visceral fat in the body the abdomen protrudes giving the person a portly look around the midsection. Belly fat around the midsection which is a form of obesity is usually referred to as central obesity because of the location of fat deposits.

Belly fat is abnormal obesity and could be associated with many diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and harmful fat in the blood known as triglycerides, high blood pressure, and excessive amounts of cholesterol in the body. Belly fat has only down side and zero benefits except earlier death, stress, excessive sweating, erectile dysfunction, low libido and general weakness of the body.

Fat and obese people are prone to illness, feel tired all the time and are easily agitated, fat deposits in the body are of different types like perirenal fat, intramuscular fat subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Abdominal obesity can be calculated apart from the very obvious protrusion or by the person’s weight and height to arrive at the overall body mass.

Not all visceral fat protrudes some hide within the stomach organs and can only be detected through an MRI scan; heart disease caused by blood sugar or triglycerides is believed to be more prevalent in men since they are more prone to belly fat and heart disease.

Getting rid of belly fat can be done either through major surgery (liposuction) or by observing a healthier lifestyle and routine. Doing regular exercise, proper diet and feeding and taking healthy extracts to reduce the fat are ways to avoid the unpleasant consequences associated with central obesity.

A man with belly fat

A man with belly fat in front of a mirror
A man with belly fat in front of a mirror | Source

Causes of pot belly

Pot belly can be caused because of many reasons, the person might have been living a sedentary lifestyle, might have a serious allergy or reaction to medication, or poor dietary habits. The person might also drink excessive amounts of alcohol hence the name beer gut, with little or no exercise to trim down the weight.

Poor exercise routine and living a sedentary existence means the person undergoes low physical activity, might be a fast food junky which would only add dangerous levels of protein and calories to the body. Other causes of belly fat could be disease, very poor diet, and effects of urbanization.

The abnormal stomach fat starts to manifest largely due to poor metabolism that result in decreased insulin and the body having a hard time getting rid of large amount of calories. Harmful fat might also find their way into the blood through the circulatory system.

Eating fried and oily food prepared with groundnut oil or palm oil is not healthy, the greasy food although tasty can cause fat in the body with some accumulating in the belly region. Instead of frying your meals with butter which is very fattening, ground nut oil or palm oil you can use soy oil which is healthier and would not cause dangerous agents entering the body.

On the other hand beer which is an alcoholic beverage made from fermentation of starch by the introduction of enzymes is made from hops barley malt, hop back, and yeast. The brew regularly drank can cause very sever belly fat which is sometimes referred to as beer gut.

Belly fat and lifestyle choices

Which of this does not cause belly fat

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Getting rid of belly fat

Get rid of belly fat; you can get rid of belly fat through major surgery which has immediate results but carries its own risks, or through proper diet, exercise and drinking fresh juice and tea extracts. Using a combination of proper diet, exercise and tea would work but would take sometimes before the desired results can be seen.

So daily exercises, proper feeding, reduce your protein intake, eat less, and lots of fruits will help. It took several years of unhealthy habits to develop the pot belly but you could see great improvement in several weeks with studious dedication.

Healthy drink extracts

Most drinks we take are either carbonated, artificially flavored or contain lots of sugar which have no nutritional value to the body, off shelf juice is even worse and the companies claims of hundred percent fruit juice are usually frivolous and untrue. Although there are some that actually contain no preservatives and added sugar, they are usually more expensive and have shorter shelf life.

Making your own juices, either fruit juice or tea is easy and takes very little of your time giving you all the benefits of freshly squeezed juice. Using healthy juice drinks to fight the bulge is a safe and effective way to reduce belly fat and avoid the dangerous diseases that come with the condition.

The drink could be fruit based, vegetable extracts or a combination of the two to maintain the body and help fight the bulge some important drinks that can be beneficial are listed bellow.

Water melon juice

Water melon and a cup of water melon juice
Water melon and a cup of water melon juice | Source


Water image
Water image | Source

Summary of causes of belly fat

Belly fat otherwise known as visceral fat or central fat can be caused by a few thing some of which are

1 drinking too much alcoholic beverage like beer

2 eating meals prepared with saturated oil

3 poor metabolism

4 high levels of calories and protein

5 low physical activity

6 having a sedentary lifestyle

7 could be caused by dangerous levels of medication

8 could be caused because of poor diet and malnutrition

9 Urbanization and over population.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple and cups full of pineapple juice
Pineapple and cups full of pineapple juice | Source


Surprised, water is a natural cleanser which helps us with digestion and proper regulation of the body, our entire body constituent has lots of water. Make it part of your daily routine to drink lots of water, it gets rid of toxins in the body through urine and sweating and is a good friend when reducing belly fat.

The hydrogen and oxygen content of water is ideal especially when introduced into freshly squeezed fruit drink, and tea because it’s a good solvent .

Pineapple juice

Pineapple is a large tropical plant that has a sharp, thick and rough skin and lots of delicious juice that has properties that breakdown protein, its inner skin is yellow very juicy and good to eat. The juice can be extracted easily by either chopping the pineapple into small chunks or squeezing in a hand juicer or places in a blender or juice extractor, it’s good for digestion, and has enzymes that reduces bloated fat.

After going through your daily exercise which shouldn’t exceed thirty (30min.) minutes you can relax in the morning and evening with a cool glass of pineapple juice and watch the flab slowly dissipate.

About belly Fat

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Peppermint tea

A nice cool glass of peppermint tea
A nice cool glass of peppermint tea | Source

How to get rid of belly fat

Peppermint tea

Tea generally has many health benefits apart from helping us relax and giving us a warm fuzzy feeling; peppermint is a sort of mint which is useful against sore throat and has some other powerful qualities. The nice plant has been used in many sweets, cakes, and drinks because of its rich flavor.

Peppermint can be referred to as a flavorides because the plant is used generally as flavor in food and it produces strong peppermint oil used in many candies. Peppermint has agents that breakdown and processes central fat thereby reducing the causative effect of accumulated fat and bloating making peppermint tea a good way to fight stomach fat.

Water melon juice

Water melon juice is very effective in fighting obesity, as stated earlier lots of water aids digestion more so the tons of wholesome juice water melon produces. The fruit has a green hard back and a red fleshy interior with lots of tiny black seeds; it produces an amino acid called arginine which is an effective tool in breaking down fat, aiding digestion and the body’s metabolism.

If you seriously want to reduce protruding belly drinking a cold glass of water melon juice regularly and exercise regularly which would have the desired result, a thinner firmer center region.

Stay trim and healthy with Lipton green tea

Green tea field

Green tea field
Green tea field

Green tea

Green tea is the mother lode of all fat busting juice extracts its one of the top ways to reduce belly fat and maintain a healthier habit. Green tea has so many good attributes that can seem overwhelming, let’s examine what researchers and scientists have uncovered about the humble tea.

Green tea and brain power; the tea extracts is known to increase the brain power by increasing the function of the neurons making the connectivity faster thus making the brain more efficient. The connectivity between the parietal and frontal cortex has an influence on the brain which improves cognitive performance by increasing memory and alertness, so green tea increase brain function by engaging the synopsis to perform faster.

Green tea has impressive amounts of antioxidants which help increase the body’s metabolism thereby aiding the breakdown of fat in the body, poly-phenols which are also abundant in green tea and green tea extracts perform identical function as the antioxidants.

Fat oxidation which is how the body processes food turning it into important calories is increased because of the presence of poly-phenol substances found in green tea, so central obesity is reduced when we drink green tea at least twice daily.

Tea extract can help reduce stress when combined with moderate exercise and proper diet; heart related ailments that are common with people with belly fat can also be reduced if other bad habits are stopped. Adding to much salt to your meals and a sedentary lifestyle could lead to coronary heart problems and an increase in blood sugar and harmful blood fat, drinking green tea can improve arterial health/function and reduce belly fat.

Mixed fruit juice

Mixed fruit juice could be a combination of pineapple and water melon, it makes sense gaining the benefit of both fruits in one dynamic power packed drink, water melon isn’t that sweet and pineapple is very sweet so combining the two works. While you are at it why not add a little orange, and lemon into the mix as long as the mix has lots of water content and fresh fruits you can't go wrong.

The combination should be nice to drink while breaking down fat and maintain the body’s metabolic function.

Last word

They say prevention is better than cure, try to prevent belly fat by maintain a good workout routine, living an active lifestyle, eating right and taking loads of fruits and vegetables. Having belly fat is not the end of the world because with studious dedication the fat can be burned off; you can do lots of stomach and torso exercise to firm up the mid region.

Other things that can be done is to avoid salt, don’t drink carbonated water, reduce sugar intake and make it a habit to get hydrated by drinking lots of water, tea or juice extracts, and don’t forget including low fat milk, yogurt, and grains in your regular meals.


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    • tony55 profile image

      femi 3 years ago from Nigeria

      Hello Aufait nice comment, belly fat can become a real problem in the latter part of ones life if adequate care isn't taken. I have actually seen someone with a very large belly fat reduce it completely with some of the techniques listed in the article.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 3 years ago from North Texas

      Very interesting information. I have been hearing so much about the 'Flat-Belly Diet' for several years now, but no one has exposed the secrets of why it works -- or if it works, so far. So the secret is green tea and fresh fruit juices as well as plenty of water. Glad you shared this.