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Get rid of your Yeast Infection for Good.

Updated on May 21, 2013

Symptoms/ Causes/ Cures

The initial symptoms involve a small burning sensation when you begin your urine stream, many may confuse this with a bladder infection, however, this burning sensation is usually all around the vulva area. This burning sensation is also accompanied by cream white/grayish discharge, that can often smell like baking bread.At the onset of these symptoms it is very important that you follow the procedure below in order to prevent a full outbreak and overgrowth of Candida. Many times stress plays a major factor in the flare ups that women deal with,


There are many causes for a Candida overgrowth, and the many one is poor dietary practices. A diet high in simple carbohydrates such as, white flour, white sugar, pre-packaged ready to eat meals, such as certain breakfast cereals, and white breads. Occasionally indulging in these things are fine however, as a major part of your diet these can be detrimental to the balance of the bacteria in your intestines Stress is another cause of candida overgrowth, and this is a cause that is often overlooked. When a person is feeling stressed out, you or unconsciously weakening the cells in your body by thinking negative thoughts, and creating that feeling of desperation within yourself. Your current body's state is a result of your thinking. Harboring negative emotions, self doubt, and judgements, all create a great environment for negative things to take place on a cellular level within your body. Another cause of candida overgrowth is the overuse of antibiotics. Eating organic milk products, if you MUST consume milk is priority number 1. Also limiting the number of prescriptions filled by your physician for antibiotics also helps to reduce the chances of in-balancing your gut flora.


The first cure is eliminating as much stress as possible or your candida WILL come back every time.

  • Coconut oil regimen You can use this internally or externally at the start of a flair up. Ingesting one Tablespoon a day does wonders for you immune system strength and also helps with stomach ailments such as gas, bloating, and provides a boost of energy. Pouring coconut oil directly into and around the vagina also helps to relieve itching and promotes healthy bacteria. Coconut oil can also be used as a sexual aid.
  • Garlic suppository. Placing a peeled clove of garlic into the vagina at nighttime also helps to kill the yeast. As well as consuming a whole garlic daily also helps because garlic is a natural anti-fungal.
  • Water is also the biggest help in eliminating candida for good. Alkaline water is the best, which can be achieved by squeezing one lemon for every 8 ounces of water. Drinking 10-12 full glasses of water each day is recommended to help rid yourself of candida. Dehydration is the cause of 95% of diseases. Drinking water until your urine is lightly colored with a slight hue pail yellow hue. You are at risk of yeast overgrowth if your urine has a distinct yellow color
  • Juicing is another great way to detox your body and give your immune system a boost in order to restore balance back to your gut and to fight the candida overgrowth.Juicing kale, cabbage,cucumbers,lemons,limes,beets,dandelion root,cabbage, spinach and broccoli. For 3 days and this will be all you will drink. No foods that are processed or cooked. raw veggies are okay to eat while on the detox. You make these drinks in a 64 ounce batch that will last you for the entire day and drink plenty of water. 10-12 glasses of water.
  • Taking probiotics should also help with balancing your gut. Only buy the refrigerated kinda of probiotics, because they are still alive, anything sitting on the shelf cannot be beneficial because the bacteria are already deceased.

Ways to relieve itching and burning

Soaking in an epsom salt bath 3 times a week while symptoms are highest.

Soaking in an apple cider vinegar bath. After a bath use a blow dryer on cool in order to dry the vaginal area thoroughly.

Change your towels after every bath and use a fresh one every time Also soak your bar soap in salt water for 1 minute after using.

Do not share bar soap you could possibly be reinfecting your self every month. Wash your towels and underwear on HOT cycle in your washing machine. Also use boiling water to sanitize your underwear while in the washer.

Using warm coconut oil on the affected area also helps to soothe.

A couple of drops of tea tree oil are also beneficial and instantly stop itching and burning.

Last but not least keeping a positive outlook on the situation and envisioning yourself in a healthy and happy state, shall bring forth that into your life and heal yourself from the inside out. Peace and love.


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    • Islandvegan profile image

      Islandvegan 3 years ago

      Yes Its definitely safe.

    • profile image

      Pebb 3 years ago

      I enjoyed the article.... & I've heard tht organic coconut oil could be used as a sex aid, just didn't really think tht was true & safe.... Is it honestly safe to use coconut as an lubrication!!?? I didn't know it coconut was ok for the vagina canal....

    • Islandvegan profile image

      Islandvegan 3 years ago

      Your welcome!

    • profile image

      Tati 3 years ago

      Great article tried the epsom salt and coconut oil. Works wonders i had syptoms tuesday they were gone by friday. Enough time for me to go out and watch the mayweather fight saturday. Thank you so much.