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Get to Know about Diabetes Symptoms and Its Causes

Updated on April 4, 2015
diabetes, blood sugar level | Public Domain by stevepb
diabetes, blood sugar level | Public Domain by stevepb | Source


Diabetes has been haunting million people all over the world. People need to understand what causes of diabetes and its symptoms in order that they can notice if diabetes probably suffers them.

For those who concern about diabetes because possibly they understand how dangerous this disease is, understanding whole about this disease is a must, including how it occurs and what symptoms might come first.

In fact, up to now there is no effective medication that has been produced by pharmacy industry. It can be seen by increasing number of diabetes sufferers right now. Don’t you think prevention is better than medication?

By knowing diabetes symptoms, it is expected that you will be able to decide correct and wise decision if diabetes haunt you. The symptoms are a lot but at least you have to know three most frequent symptoms that can be noticed easily.

Three Noticeable Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is closely related to weight loss and even those who have over weight is considered as people who have high risk of having diabetes.

It is not a fact but only perspective and. It means that it is not 100% true. Having known all these three diabetes symptoms below, you shouldn’t ever think that over-weight person must have diabetes.

excessive thirst | Public Domain by PublicDomainPictures
excessive thirst | Public Domain by PublicDomainPictures | Source

1. Excessive Thirst

It is one of the first symptoms that frequently occur. You can say that it is such a classical diabetes sign. Do you know how it happens?

In our body, we have kidney that has function to filter anything coming into our body, not to mention blood sugar. However, when you have diabetes, your kidney has to work over and over just like a worker that works overtime till late of night. It is due to excessive blood sugar (named with glucose).

In certain point, the kidneys are overwhelmed because of high level of glucose. So what is the result, the glucose will be excreted through urination. In this case, it has to be known that kidneys can work properly if they are forced to work overtime and finally excessive urination happen.

Nevertheless, excessive urination is not only the consequence. When you do waterworks too often, indeed your body will lose a lot of water and you will feel thirsty so often.

In this condition, it doesn’t matter how much water you consume every day. It is useless since the kidneys don’t work properly. Therefore, some diabetes medications are designed to make kidneys work as usual.

uncommon fatigue, tired | Creative Commons by  Geoff LMV
uncommon fatigue, tired | Creative Commons by Geoff LMV | Source

2. Unexplained Fatigue

Are you a hard worker? You might not feel exhausted when hard working has become your common. However, sometimes tired is coming and it cannot be explained. You have drink sufficient water and eat high nutrition foods. However, you still feel exhausted.

How come? Because your body doesn’t have insulin or possibly it has but the amount of insulin is not sufficient. Insulin has a very crucial role to produce energy. Insulin is the thing that blood sugar can enter into the cells where it can be changed into energy. Therefore, insulin is very important.

However, if you have diabetes, only small number of insulin exists in your body. As the result, the cell can convert the blood sugar into energy then you will feel so weak. Even though you do an easy task or activity, you will feel so exhausted. It is usually called fatigue.

blurred vision | Creative Commmons by  o3boR
blurred vision | Creative Commmons by o3boR | Source

3. Distorted Vision

In medical world, it is also called blurred. It is condition in which you can see the things clearly in a normal distance. You might think that you have usual blurred vision. Unfortunately, it is worse than you think. You might have diabetes since distorted or blurred vision is one of diabetes symptoms.

It happens because lenses of your eyes lacks of fluid. When you have diabetes, you have abundant blood sugar floating around the bloodstream. As the result, the fluid doesn’t have place since it has been pulled by the blood sugar from the body tissue. As the result, some parts of your body like lenses of eyes don’t have fluid and this condition make your eyes difficult to focus.

You can imagine when you don’t have treatment as soon as possible. The blood vessels will damage and it is possible that you will lose your vision. Therefore, when diabetes sufferers have blurred vision, they have to be very careful since blindness can be the worsen thing that probably happens.

Now, you have already known that it is not only obesity or overweight as one and the only symptom of diabetes. Indeed, you don’t want to get one of those symptoms, do you? Therefore, prevention is highly required. By knowing the causes of diabetes, you will be able to avoid this dangerous disease.

french fries contain much calories | Public Domain by GutundTasty
french fries contain much calories | Public Domain by GutundTasty | Source

Several Different Causes of Diabetes

Medically, diabetes is caused of lack of insulin in the body. At the same time, the number of blood sugar is increasing. The kidneys are overwhelmed because of too much blood sugar. Finally, excessive urine and lack of energy happen.

Nevertheless, that cause might be only understood by the experts in medical science. As general people, you only need to know what causes of diabetes like foods, drinks, or the others.

Several Foods or Drinks Causing Diabetes

You must be shocked when some foods or drinks that you consider as healthy ones might cause diabetes. Fruit juice is a drink that you must avoid if you have diabetes. Even, you need to reduce consuming this drink if you don’t want to get diabetes. It would be better if you stay away from it and opt for fiber-packed whole fruit counterpart. It will give sufficient blood sugar with fewer calories.

French fries are kind of food that can cause diabetes. This is kind of food that boost level of glucose in the body. French fries bring a lot of oil with extra calories. It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid consuming this food but at least you know how much you should eat.

Virus and Toxins

These ones are considered as external factors causing diabetes. Usually, they trigger the development of type 1 diabetes. However, virus doesn’t do alone because diabetes cannot be caused by the only one virus. Some viruses causing diabetes are coxsackievirus B, adenovirus, and rubella. Those viruses damage beta cells. In this condition, diabetes sufferers only can live with daily insulin treatment. Without insulin treatment, it is impossible for them to survive.

That is why besides concerning about foods and drinks, you only need to pay attention to environment where you live. Usually, those viruses above attack when winter is coming since at that time viral infection is common.

Those are all you need to know and understand about diabetes. Now the question is that do you see any statement saying that sugar causes diabetes? You don’t. It is wrong when sugar is the main cause of diabetes. Sugar is needed by our body to be converted into energy.

Only consuming sugar with too little fat might cause diabetes. Therefore, you must pay attention to what you consume from now on. Get treatment as soon as possible if you find any signs or symptoms of diabetes. If treatment is not held soon, bad results will possibly happen like blurred vision, fatigue, excessive thirst and urination.


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