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Getting 6 Pack Abs

Updated on December 23, 2012

Women who have 6 pack abs look SEXY

Women - Yes! It's fine for us to try to get 6 pack abs
Women - Yes! It's fine for us to try to get 6 pack abs

The "Bicycle" For Tight Abs

How To Do Reverse Crunches

How To Do Crunches Correctly

6 Pack Abs Aren't Just For Men

When you think of 6 pack abs, your mind will probably vision up a hunky guy with his shirt off, all nice and rippling- am I correct?

However women can be just as hot with a 6 pack - we are just afraid to because we believe that we will get all bulked up and look like a man.

Ladies --that's not true. If you are working on your abs your belly will be sexy and firm and it's a turn on for guys. You won't have huge muscles, you won't look masculine and when you are wearing a dress you'll look twice as good if you have nice,sculpted abs. Don't be afraid to tone your body

So what is the first step in getting 6 pack abs. Well contrary to what you may have heard, hundreds of crunches are not going to do a dang thing.

In order for your abs to show correctly you will have to make sure that you do not have any fat covering your ab area - so this means diet and exercise (preferably weight training or resistance training as this will burn more fat than any type of cardio) only once the fat is gone will you see your abs.

When it does come time for targeted exercises try exercises like the bicycle, push-aways, V-ups and the plank. These are much more effective than crunches. If you want to do some crunches, do reverse crunches as these will work your abs a bit differently than the above exercises. Yes, both men and women should be performing the same exercises since you both want the same results - nice sculpted abs.

How long does it take to get 6 pack abs?

That really depends on how much fat you have in your belly area and how much effort you put into your exercise routine. If you are watching what you eat and are doing approximately 30 minutes a day of weight or resistance training you should start to see god results in 6 weeks. That doesn't mean that you will have a great 6 ack by then, but you will have burned off a good amount of fat. If your starting with a body with very little fat then you should start to see a 4 pack by 6 weeks.

Be sure that when you are dieting to lose the fat, that you stay on a healthy diet- don't crash diet and don't starve yourself. Both of these types of diets, cause muscle loss which is the opposite than what you are trying to achieve. Stay on a diet of fresh fruit and veggies, plenty of lean protein, fat-free or low-fat dairy products and plenty of water.

Getting a 6 pack isn't hard but it does take determination and persistence.

And remember that a 6 pack looks good on both men and women!


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    • bskinny profile image


      9 years ago from US

      Great article. I can not move now, but great article. :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Although a common question for trainers, this is not a 'fitness' or 'health' question. Therefore we should, as fitness professionals, attack the underlying reasoning for this line of aesthetic pursuit, instead of constantly caving in and teaching people erroneous floor-based exercises that have little to do with actual health or performance.

      Let's ask why 6-packs are important. Let's start teaching that self esteem and empowerment through ability and movement will ultimately create true strength and respect, and if a flatter belly is REALLY what you want, then go get the fat sucked out.

      Fitness professionals need to educate, not placate. Lets teach that looking in shape doesn't equate to BEING in shape. Our goal is to actually put people on a path to being the part, and floor-based spinal flexion exercises are some of the worst choices for the job.


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