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Getting A Breast Reduction As A Teenager

Updated on March 22, 2016

My Journey

My journey to beast reduction surgery began at the age of 12. Almost all girls are or have already begun puberty. I had worn a training bra for my mosquito bites for about a year. Then practically overnight I had a C cup. With that development came acne, braces, and teasing of all kinds. I was the boob of every joke. I hated going to school because my fellow classmates unbeknownst to them had made school a personal hell for me. I wanted to look like my friends and when that wasn't going to happen I covered up with baggie sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Middle school turned into high school and I still had the largest boobs in school. By 9th grade I was a 42DD. I was starting to develop scoliosis and found it hard to workout or play sports that I enjoyed. My parents eventually had to sit me down to discuss my looming health issues and what could be done to fix it. Neither of my sisters had any issue like this growing up. I was jealous that they didn't have to feel what I did or have to give them clothes that did not fit me. Surgery had been decided but I was too young so I would have to wait until I was 16 and hopefully I would stop growing.

Sophomore year came around and I had stopped growing. I was an astounding 42DDD. I had a very hard time finding clothes, swimsuits, and sports bras. I was tried of being the girl that everyone stared at like a sideshow oddity. Surgery was scheduled for summer and I couldn't wait to have a chest.

Surgery went amazing and I was now a 38C. It was painful and took about a month to heal but I felt amazing. I could buy anything! Swimsuits, t-shirts, cute bras from Victoria's Secret PINK. I was amazed that I could wear anything. The other benefit I could more effectively exercise. I eventually lost 75 lbs. The teasing at school stopped and I have never been healthier. I know I was young but it was a decision that I will never regret making or be shy about sharing.


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