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Getting A Grip Over Your Pain

Updated on July 9, 2014

How Pain Affects The Way A Person Thinks

This article is even difficult for me to write; especially when I am having doubts as to who I am as person and as to my purpose in life. Maybe that is the point of this article. I have suffered and struggled with chronic pain for nearly a decade. Words could never express some of the battles I have fought along the way. However, I do know this, pain can be very demoralizing and debilitating. It can and does cause depression. At times it can become very difficult to motivate yourself to push out and forward; especially when past experiences dictate the end result: more pain.

People dealing with chronic pain have a difficult time digesting the simple fact that they can no longer perform as they once did. Every time they try to take a step forward in at least claiming what humanity they have left, suddenly get knocked back down to the canvas. Each bout and each round only brings with it more discouragement and defeat. Pain, over time, ultimately consumes people on all levels: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

They allow it to dictate their lives; not so because they are in pain in as much as they are afraid of pain. They remove themselves from relationships because they fear they may be judged or that people just do not understand their anguish. Believe me, throughout the years, some people have said some pretty outlandish things to me. Though they meant well, they just did not understand how their words prick and pierce the heart: adding more frustration to an already fragile situation.

As a result, people with chronic pain would rather opt for a life of seclusion than being a part of society. Personally, I fight these feelings every day. It is easier for me to stay at home than be a spectacle in public.

For anyone reading this hub, please let me encourage you to be respectful of a person's feelings regarding pain. Chose your words very carefully. How you may something may not necessarily be heard in the manner it is being said. A listening ear is more often than not most helpful. Be empathetic and sympathetic.

To those who struggle with chronic pain...what can i say? I know! It's difficult. It's tiring. It's old. I am not even 50 yet and I cannot see myself having to endure another 20 or 30 years of this constant bombardment upon my back and being. As I say this, let me encourage you not to give in or give up. I have learned to take control over those areas of my life where I can still be productive; that still give me purpose. Sure, I may suffer for it at times. However, when you chose to let your pain dictate you instead of you controlling it..your road will become a lot more rockier and you will have a lot more rubble to stumble over.

I know someone out there cares...and I am that someone. If you would like, I would be more than happy to communicate with you through this hub.

Dealing with chronic pain



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    • preacherp88 profile image

      Paul C. Markland 3 years ago from Uniontown

      Thank you. I hope it encourages people with chronic pain to know they are not alone. It is difficult to find someone who can honestly say to another "I understand."

    • preacherp88 profile image

      Paul C. Markland 3 years ago from Uniontown

      Thank you. I have heard the same, though it has never been suggested by my Pain Management Specialist.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      Interesting, well informed ad very useful.Thank you for sharing and wishing you a great day ahead.


    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 3 years ago from West By God

      I hear bio-feedback works and accupressure too.


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