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Getting Back Your Mojo

Updated on November 28, 2017

"Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery", once lost his Mojo. For him, it was a crimson metallic plasmatic substance which could define the extreme limits of manhood, sexuality and charisma. To lose his Mojo meant the end of this great Hero as we knew him. In order to re-gain that “It” factor, Mr. Powers had to find, retrieve and re-activate his Mojo.

Have you ever lost your Mojo? I certainly have…

I first found my Mojo as a teen in Alabama. I was going to be a Rock Star, finally “get” girls that I could never “get” (whatever that means), be rich and famous, travel the world and have everyone either want to be “with” me or actually want to “be” me.

If you look at my profile page, you can tell that didn’t work out too well for me – but I still have my Mojo, or at least on some days I do.

Mojo, I believe, is a close cousin of Confidence. Confidence enables a person with the “stuff” it takes to hold their head high, strut their stuff, toss back their hair (or lack of it) and be cool, you know – the important stuff.

It is difficult for a person with their Mojo intact to be depressed. Riding high on Mojo, a person is self-confident, self-reliant and certain of attaining unattainable heights. This ride is a fun one as long as it lasts. Everything seems to click, people tend to take notice and the world is a better place. The air is a bit crisper, the sun is a bit brighter and the flow of nature and God seem to be in step with us.

The problem comes in the losing of the Mojo. This can happen suddenly, like having a group of people laugh at you when you walk into the restaurant with your Ray Bans on and trip on a rug. It can also happen slowly, as your Mojo leaks down like a dry rotted tire on a cold, wet Michigan morning. Your life starts to steer a bit differently. It pulls to the side. Something is just – not – right… and depression soon creeps in.

I am of the belief that re-defining yourself has to happen on a weekly if not daily basis in the 21st Century. I do not like to find myself in the deepest abyss of depression before I look at a way out. If I smell the poop, I am already looking for the chicken house – the source of the bad smell. I don’t want to come around the curve and crash into it all with an explosion of feathers, feed and shitake mushrooms! I would rather smell the smell, locate the source and if possible – take a detour.

A person who is constantly active and present in attempting to overtake a depressive state is like Mel Gibson in "Braveheart" to me. I see it as brilliant, courageous and commendable. On the other hand, if a person waits for things to get better, denies that things are getting bad or refuses to even think about their current situation except for in the most negative terms, is like a person who is walking a train track, worries about the possibility of being hit by a train and then simply lays down on the track, hoping nothing bad happens and praying for an answer until “SPLAT!” – WENT THE TRAIN!!!

Having a Plan (always capitalize “Plan”) is essential to removing yourself from a bad situation or a bad pending situation. Taking Action is the second component. A good Plan with no Action is sterile. Results that you get give you the feedback you need to see if your specific Plan and course of Action gave you the intended Results. P-A-R. If this worked out well, your life is “Above-Par”. If not, it is “Below-Par”, but either way you have constant feedback which enables you to make small corrections along the way. Small corrections along the way help you to stay on track or to change course in order to get better results. Like driving, if you steer in the same direction without moving the wheel at all, you will eventually end up in the ditch. Again, like driving, these corrections should come so effortlessly and instinctively that our Mojo-cool is soon attracting the likes of Jennifer Love-Hewett and Daniel Craig (Take your pick).

You find yourself steering your crystal clear life around your own little island more-so in the direction you had hoped for than down the path you had most dreaded.

“Yeah Baby!!!”


© 2017 Joel Gibson


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