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Getting Back to Mother Nature

Updated on May 25, 2013


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Taking It Prescribed

Some people have learned from medical doctors and their prescribing efforts. Do the doctors research every detail? Do they understand that consumers are taking, in good faith, drugs that have been sold by a company man? Yes, research goes into drug facts. Yes, trials and examinations are exacted through blind tests and other types of surveying.

There is a way to get a general opinion on anything. Testing accepted applicants is a great way to test your new drug. People will sign up, tell the truth, lie or just live while drugged from accepting the precautions of the trial.

This really is a way to get the "facts." I know medical doctors and psychiatrists learn to read, understand and formulate their own summaries on what they know, what they have researched and what has been sold to them.

It is almost like buying a nut. The nut has had many tests, the type of nut has had many tests, in which it was tested for corrosion ability, break points and for weathering. This certain nut was not tested but many "exactly" like it were tested. Well, this nut is supposed to be able to handle so many pounds of pressure, approximately. Since the nut is different and not 100% the same as its "brother nut" in the same category, size and shape, the untested nut is at risk.

The risk can be corrosion before its corrosion date or pounds of pressure that it cannot handle that was stated it could handle.

Mental Health, doctors and patients are similar in theory. One person has schizophrenia and that type of schizophrenia has a potent dose of drug prescribed to that certain individual and his/her disease. Now there are many people with that exact same prescribed dose of drug for that exact type of schizophrenia but in another individual.

I know...there is no way to test every human in research. Some of us are not willing and some of us do not want to do through drug trials. So, that leaves us with the corrosive nut or the nut that cannot handle the pressure that in "Article II: Section 1A" stated it can handle.

The nut busts and the corrosion is the culprit. Just like this nut busting from corrosion, the patient has not welcomed this sort of drug in his/her system well. This unwelcoming drug (corrosion) creates a break in behavior that is irregular for that patient (busting). Irregular behavior or "busting" can leave an individual dead from suicide, locked up in a mental institution or can really have a severe, irrevocable brain malfunction for life.

It is not the physician's fault or the drug company's fault. It is the fault of the individual. I can tell you why. The individual has the full authority to say whether he/she is on doses of anti-psychotic medications or not. This is true in most cases given that this person is above the age of 18. Now...there are specific cases where there are individuals that have court mandates for that particular person to be medicated via acting physician or psychiatrist.

So, we have chemists, researchers, companies, salesmen and physicians. Do not forget the client or consumer. This long list of people directed to interact in their own realm have an agenda. Most of it has to do with behavior, settings and mental stability.

Thinking to a time when drugs were not so popular is hard to imagine. 2013 is the new era of the DSM-5. Now...we have an entirely new way to deal with clients in a well-managed way. Doses of drugs for the clinically insane that we push into certain categories via the DSM-5 is the new way. The old way was with the DSM-4.

If you are feeling a head rush at 4:00 a.m. and you are sleepless, agitated and/or having audible hallucinations, you have "____" or "_______" and it needs to medicated through Drug A, B or C.

This is a normal function for the DSM. It has a list of moods, behaviors and out-of-control instances for clients to grasp for the reasons why they need Drug A, B or C. The acting physician knows this and does not have to read it all, every day. Usually, acting physicians are on top of their "game" in relation to mental health and serving their patients.

So, what is exactly in prescribed drugs? Yikes! Guess it and you will be amazed. You can look it up but please have a chemist degree for the little understanding that you may grasp from the list. Prescribed drugs are big business. There is a long list of people involved in that area of expertise. "You can really get your teeth sunk in on this idea, really. Bite and be amazed."

There is so much motion and momentum in this field. It really has created many aspects in life, e.g. employment to drug consumption.

Be careful when roaming in the realm of drug abuse or mental anguish. These two things can be very dangerous when not having your drugs managed by a real, educated physician.



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