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Getting Fit (and Getting My Groove Back) with Flirty Girl Fitness!

Updated on February 18, 2013
The Teaser Collection Kit
The Teaser Collection Kit | Source

A Review

I must say that I remember seeing the commercials on MTV for Flirty Girl Fitness for the first time and I remember being shocked at the concept. I saw the workout as a bit on the racy side and assumed that it had little fitness value. C'mon, were you really going to lose weight gyrating around and popping your booty? I usually will not admit that I am wrong (just ask my husband) but I am here to state for the record that I, indeed, was WRONG.

I recently found myself (a 32 year old mother of 5 kids under 9) standing in the middle of my gym's aerobic's class feeling less than sexy and extremely out of place. I was attending all of the trusted method classes: Zumba; step aerobics; and dance aerobics. I quickly realized that I wasn't as coordinated as I used to be and I also wasn't getting the results that I wanted to see. The last straw came when I attended my step class and had to do 1 hour of step aerobics to Christmas tunes. Needless to say low impact and extremely boring. I was trying all of the diet supplements available both herbal remedies and enhancers but still no results...actually there was one- I was gaining weight! I was desperate to win my weight-loss war!

Well, the holidays kicked in and my gym time dwindled. I really didn't overeat or go crazy BUT I did end up skipping my workouts. They didn't seem like as much fun as I had thought they would be. If it's more like a chore to do it...then it isn't the right workout for me. I had to find something that could get me motivated. Something that would get me to enjoy the hour of my workout instead of dreading it. As if it were meant to be, I sat up late on a Saturday night and caught a commercial for Flirty Girl Fitness "Booty Beat" . This time, its didn't look like a racy looked like exactly what I needed. A chance to lose some weight and a chance to get back that "sexy" feeling.

I quickly found some Flirty Girl Videos online and tried them. I was HOOKED! Yes, I will also admit that the first time I "dropped it like it's hot"....I dropped and was stuck --but hey, we all have to start somewhere! I felt like I was dancing at the club and could feel the workout in my legs and in my core. The moves were easy to alter for lighter impact and all of the routines were set to fun and funky songs by today's top artists.

i quickly started to see results! I began seeing my jeans fit better and my booty was certainly toning up. Anxious for more, I went to the website for Flirty Girl Fitness I found out that they have many varieties of their workout! There is the "booty beat", The "Chair Dance" , "Video Vixens", "Hottie Body Boxing" , and even Pole Dancing aerobics kits. I think that the best part of what they offer is the "Teaser" collection. It allows you to sample the workouts buy purchasing 2 shorter videos for only $9.99. I have not been brave enough to get the pole kit but certainly see the pink boa in my future! They even offer videos online and they operate Flirty Girl Fitness Gyms.

To my surprise, I also found that I can attend a "Flirtification" to become licensed to teach the classes! I am so in! Will my first class laugh at me when I thrust my booty and pelvis around?...maybe. Do I care? I usually laugh at those who claim to be "empowered" by a workout or by something that they have done but in this case it truly fits the way I feel. While Flirty Girl Fitness was a little awkward at first, I settled right in, saw results, and got a bit of my sexy back.

I recommend this workout to anyone looking for a FUN way to lose weight! I also hope to be teaching it soon at a gym near you!


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