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Getting Into Top Physical Shape with Strength Training

Updated on July 7, 2013

3 Keys to Life's Pleasures

Achieving Optimum Physical Fitness

You are going to have to do several things daily to maximize your enjoyment of life. I hope you know that “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” There are certain activities you need to indulge in to increase the sensitivity of your five senses—and the important sixth sense we call intuition. Along with meditation, physical fitness helps you enjoy the many pleasures of life.

I believe there are 3 keys that unlock the door to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pleasure.

  • Meditation
  • Exercise – Physical Fitness
  • Continuous Learning

If you’re currently practicing an exercise and meditation program—and you are engaged in continuous learning then you’re well on your way.

In this article, I’m covering exercise and physical fitness. Let’s get into shape.

When many people attempt an exercise program, they fail and give up after several weeks. There are two main reasons for this.

  1. It is hard to remain dedicated to an unpleasant task when you don’t see immediate results.
  2. Exercise is time consuming. Unless, you have the proper equipment at home, you are required to enroll in a health club, use precious time and go there at least 3 days a week. In addition, health clubs cost money. I have no problem with a person joining a health club. In fact, I’m a member of one, paying a modest monthly rate. Consider this: If you increase your energy, you achieve more of your goals and desires. You use your valuable time more efficiently.

Now let’s expel some exercise myths. You do not have to kill yourself with mega-exercise programs or spend a fortune to get into shape.

Of course if that’s what you like doing, go for it. If not, I will show you how easy it is to get the required exercise that enhances your enjoyment of life’s pleasures.

By the way, intestinal parasites could be responsible for your weight gain and the fact you don’t to have any energy. Click here for more information.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Let’s face it. Cardiovascular exercise is a complete waste of time. When I first started it, I though I was receiving immense benefits. However, something unexpected happened. I actually started gaining weight around my waste. I was getting fatter. How frustrating to workout 3-4 days per week, 30 minutes each session and gain unwanted pounds.

Also, the exercise negatively affected my knees. An article in the New York Times “Boomeristis” reveals that one of the main reason baby boomers visit their doctor is because of the adverse affects of cardio exercises.

The Cardio-Free Diet

According to Jim Karas author of “The Cardio-Free Diet” if you “want to get sick and tired, blast the life out of your immunity, which is what happens after 20 to 30 minutes of classic cardio. Why do you think so many marathon runners get sick post event or during training?”

Not only that, but extended cardio exercising begins burning muscle instead of fat. How’s that for an undesirable result.

Obviously, gaining more fat when you exercise is enough to make you permanently give up and live the sedentary life.

Strength Training

Now here’s the way to go. Strength training will help you receive the results you desire. Of course, you also need to eat healthy. Working out, then consuming 2 Big Macs, a large order of fries and a diet coke won’t get the job done.

Here are 2 routines that I alternate which I have found to be quite effective. I’m finally receiving positive results. I like to mix it up because it’s nice to challenge the body for optimum results. Now you might find a different routine that fits your physical fitness needs. Note: Consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

Routine #1

  1. Squat
  2. Row Press
  3. Shoulder Press
  4. Lats
  5. Overhead Tricep
  6. Chest
  7. Biceps
  8. Seated Leg Press

Routine 2

  1. Seated Leg Press
  2. Leg Curl
  3. Row
  4. Lats
  5. Overhead Tricep
  6. Bicep/Arm Curl
  7. Chest Incline
  8. Leg Extension

The idea is for you to start at a weight that is comfortable for you and to work each set to failure. We will use the Bicep/Arm Curl as an example. Let’s say that you set the weight at 20lbs—8 to 12 curls per set. By the way, contrary to popular belief, it is only necessary to do one set of each exercise. Why? Because by time you reach the last curl, you are on the verge of failure.The Key: You work each set to failure.

Once you reach the point where you are no longer on the verge of failure on the last curl, you increase the weight the next time you exercise.

Fat Burning Furnace

Here’s the correct way to exercise. You are not going to pull these weights as if you are in a speed contest. Still, you will perform each exercise at 100% intensity level. According to Rob Poulos “Fat Burning Furnace”, “You lift under control, pause briefly and contract the muscle, and finally lower slowly under control. Then pause and repeat.”

Here it is broken down.

  • Lifting: 2-3 seconds (controlled)
  • Pause briefly
  • Lowering: 3-4 seconds (controlled)
  • Set: 8-12. Exercise to failure. If you don’t reach failure, increase weight the next time you exercise.
  • You only need to do one set of each exercise. Multiple sets are a myth.
  • Rest for 30 seconds between sets. Resting from 2-3 minutes between sets won’t cut the mustard.
  • You only need to strength train 3 times a week. Every other day and a 2-day break.

Fortunately, the whole routine should only take 15 to 20 minutes.


Walking can be both enjoyable and healthy. On the days I’m not strength training I walk in a brisk manner. I recommend at least 20 minutes of brisk walking, although anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes is fine.

Note: Don’t walk outside if the air is polluted. Damaging your lungs and respiratory system will not lead to optimum physical fitness. Go to the gym or find a large indoor area to walk.

I just discovered an exercise that can help flatten your stomach. Unfortunately, I’m still working off the fat I gained during my ill-fated cardio excursion. Here it is.

While walking, you breathe in slowly and hold for 3 seconds. Then you breathe out slowly for 3 seconds. Now tighten your stomach muscles and breathe in slowly for 3 seconds, then you relax your stomach muscles while breathing out slowly for 3 seconds. Repeat this 10 to 15 times. I consider the above an alternative to useless sit-ups.

Now it’s possible you don’t possess the energy to begin an exercise program. Intestinal parasites could be the reason. Click here for more information. As mentioned earlier, consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.

Robert Meyer


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