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Getting Over A February Slump

Updated on February 13, 2011

February Is Considered the Most Gloomy Month of the Year


As we progress through the first week of February, I wouldn't be surprised to learn many are pounding their heads against the wall this time of year. February can come across as a rather uneventful month representing the long hardships of winter. When times are good, February can seem like that thorn in the thigh. When times are bad, February can seem like that nail in the coffin. Just what makes February tough for many?

  1. The middle part of winter.
  2. The least profitable month of the year for most businesses.
  3. The hardest month of the year to find employment if you're unemployed.
  4. The most expensive month of the year to buy anything. Food and energy costs in particular can be outrageous.
  5. No holidays for many people across many nations.
  6. It's the month everything seems to break down. The roof is leaking. The power lines go out. That fifteen-year-old automobile often succumbs to it's last day on a February.
  7. Socially isolating. Not much in terms of community events and gatherings happens during February.
  8. Boredom in general. No vacations or exciting events coming soon. Work is slow. Business is slow. The kids are bored out of their wits and whining with no end in sight.
  9. It's often that month we need to adjust (often downwards) our yearly goals.


How To Take Advantage of the Subtle Opportunities February Has To Offer. . .

Because February is often regarded as a downtime for the year, expectations should be lowered, leaving time for the little things you may have forgotten. Take advantage of February uneventfulness by picking up a hobby you always wanted to do. February is a good month to learn solitary activities you may enjoy. There are fewer social pressures to be met in February; leaving you the time for personal indulgence. February is that perfect month to pick up a paint brush and paint, learn to cook that crazy recipe you’ve always wanted to do, or to finally write that book in the back of your mind.

February can also be that opportune month for quality family time at home. People are less busy and often couped up at home, so take advantage of this situation and get to know those closest to you. You may discover unfounded talent within your gene pool or an editor for that book of yours. Remember, don't let the weather or the horrible news stories typical in February bring you down. This isn't a good time to be seeking external stimuli, but if you're accepting and look within yourself, February could very well be the only month of the year for you and your family. Too bad February is only twenty-eight days a year. . .

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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