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Getting Rid Of Eye Wrinkles

Updated on October 5, 2009

Treatments For Eye Wrinkles

Are you starting to see wrinkles forming around your eys when you smile? Worried that soon you will have crow's feet arouund your eyes? Looking to learn how getting rid of eye wrinkles is possible without surgery or injections?

Well you are fortunate that you came upon my article. I also just started to see the signs of getting older in wrinkles around my eyes.

Stupid me did not think that you got any wrinkles till the age of forty. But now I am reminded to the fact that you can get eye wrinles even in your late twenties as I see the on my friends when going out.

Well my lesson has been learned you can get wrinkles as soon as your early twenties. So much for my theory.

Did you know that there are two things that you can do to help prvent those first wrinkles that appear around your eyes?

1. Stop Smoking - trust me I have plenty of friends that soke and they all look cosiderably older than my non smoking friends. You can try nicotine gums and patches to help quit.

2. Daily Sunscreen - no matter the season, the weather, or the temperature out, you must were a facial sunscreen if you want to prevent eye wrinkles. The sun will damage the skin no matter if it shining bright or hidden by the clouds it can still lead to skin damage.

So if you want to look the youngest out of your friends isn't it about time to start taking your skin's health seriously.

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