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Getting Rid Of Wrinkles At Any Age

Updated on March 16, 2011

Don't Let Signs of Aging Get You Down

In the late twenties to early thirties of everyone’s life a physical change begins to take place. It is the dreaded wrinkles, gone is our youth when you start to look in the mirror and notice lines under your eyes.

Soon if you do nothing to crow’s feet will appear around your eyes. Then the skin will start to look saggy or a sunken this appearance will begin to take over your face. You may even notice your hands and other areas of the body the skin creases where there never was any before. This is when getting rid of wrinkles is still not that hard to do.

Luckily though we live in a time when everyone is trying to turn back the clock on skin aging. In recent years there has been surge of both medical or surgical treatments for wrinkles and in last couple of years anti wrinkle skin care products have hit the market in a wave.

There is though a problem with so many choices for wrinkle creams it is almost impossible to differentiate the hype from what really works. Well the goal of my site is to differentiate the fact from the fiction. I have tried many different wrinkle creams and a lot did not work and a couple have.

For now lets look at what can cause wrinkles to appear and when they will begin to form. The first reason skin begins to form wrinkles is from losing water. This normally happens in the persons twenties. This can be combated with the use a moisturizer.

In the late twenties to early thirties lines will form around the eyes or around the mouth depending on the shape of a person face. During this time it is useful to add a skin cream that helps remove dead or dying skin cells. Creams with vitamin-a are the best to use during this time.

During the thirties of a person’s life is when the skin undergoes a drastic change. People’s facial skin will either sag or take on a sunken look. It is best to either use a hardcore wrinkle cream or talk to your doctor about different injections that are available including botox.

In the forties is when deep wrinkle will begin to form. to treat deep wrinkle laser surfacing along with cream that replenish moisture are the best. I have yet to get a facial peel but am considering it when I turn fifty-five.

I will for now not comment what happens to skin in a person’s sixties since I am not there yet.


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